Taking Antique Prints and Framing them

I have on my hanging on my wall a series of 16 reproduction prints of antique German landscapes.  Below I have them arranged around my tv.  In my previous apartment I had a nice big wall where I had them lined up 4 by 4.  It looked fantastic. (And of course I can’t find a picture).

My repro German prints from the 17th century!

A close up.

Anyone who comes over always comments on them.  They are from Williams-Sonoma Home, from the physical store itself when they were still around.  I found them on the clearance table.  The prints were stacked up in a little box for less than $100.  The frames were purchased on amazon.  For the amount of impact I get from them, it was really a good “bang for your buck” deal.  

Now for some information about them:

They are from a work entitled Der Fruchtbringenden Gesellschaft Nahmen, Vorhaben Gemaehide und Woerter.  It was originally published in Frankfurt, Germany in 1646 as a manual produced from an old German society, Die Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft, that sought to improve human virtues and to purify and improve the German language.  Each print contains a flower with a background of a German town, garden, or countryside.  They were 

Below are some pictures of the original plates, in closer detail.  I figured I would show close ups of these prints instead of mine exactly… trying to take a close up picture a picture can prove difficult.

Entitled “Red Flower”.  I have a copy of this print hanging.

This one is called “Tree”

This is the “walnut tree”. I wish I had this one!

This one the “potato”! I wish I had a copy of this one too, as I am a potato lover!

I have a copy of this one hanging, “blue flower”.

 Have you ever seen anything like these?  I’ve yet to run across them anywhere.  It actually took me a year to figure out what they were exactly.  I found the information on them here

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