Birkenstocks on Vogue?!

Vogue blog features Birkenstocks? Did I read that right?

Never would I have thought I would have heard the word Birkenstocks and Vogue used in the same sentence!  They featured a piece on their blog not too long about, talking about how Birkenstocks are in fashion.  Huh?

Now, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  This is a staple shoe in the Pacific Northwest.  But… this is how us Oregonians/Washingtonians wear this shoe:

Sock with sandals shoe offender! Must live in Oregon…

Trying to style socks with sandals… still doesn’t work!

 But… socks with sandals? That’s a huge fashion faux pas!  Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s COLD. That’s why.  When you live in a place that’s cloudy 300 days a year, socks are a must. Even with sandals.

Well Vogue says they’re cool. So we can all go buy this hippie dippy German shoe.  Look! A supermodel is wearing them all over L.A. in July of this year! So they must be cool, right?  Yes, Heidi Klum is extremely fashionable. But she’s German!  Of course she will wear the German sandal.  She probably has wide German feet.. like me! like my whole family! 

She’s super fashionable, wearing Birkenstocks in LA!

Did you know Heidi Klum also designs for Birkenstock?  Does that also change your opinion of how trendy they are?

I will say though, they *are* comfortable.  I may be guilty of owning a pair and wearing them with socks… in the 1990s.

The classic Arizona sandal

 Nah. still think they aren’t very cute.  But, they ARE comfortable.  If I had to go on a trek in sandals, I would buy a pair of them.

Actually though, I do work in a hospital… these ‘Boston’ clogs look pretty comfortable.  I actually might consider a pair…  my Dansko’s have been causing my old knee injury to hurt recently because of their weight.

Boston clogs

 Next time I go to Nordstrom’s… maybe I’ll try a pair on.  After all, they’re trendy now. Says who? Says Vogue.

Here are some of my favorites…

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EDIT 5/19/15- While I wrote this post 2 years ago, the Wall Street Journal is just *now* posting about how trending this shoe is.  Check out the article here: Trendy Birkenstocks 

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  1. August 11, 2013 / 4:06 am

    Does that mean it is trend to wear socks with my nike soccer sandals? Awesome!