Doc Martens back in style?!

First Birkenstocks… now Doc Martens?!

I was at Nordstrom’s last week and ran into a whole display of… Doc Martens boots.  Huh?!  I thought those went away with the 1990s!  Well, they’re back.

Now I am a child of the 90s.  I also grew up in the Northwest.  Dr. Martens were a staple to have in your wardrobe.  It was coincidental that Doc Martens were highly popular during the rise of the Grunge movement out of the Northwest.  I assure you as a grade-schooler I did not know about Nirvana and Green Day.  They are also very practical shoes to wear in a place where it rains all of the time.  No wet socks for me! 

Company history first… because I think it is interesting.

Dr. Martens is a British brand, founded by Klaus Martens.  He was a German Army doctor who injured his ankle while skiing in the Alps.  The regular German army boot hurt his foot, so he designed a new boot with soft soles made from discarded rubber from the Luftwaffe (German air force).  The German housewives loved how soft and comfortable his shoes were, and 80% of his boot sales were to women.  His company was bought out by a British shoe Manufacturer in 1959.  The rest is history.

Let’s take a look at a selection of their shoes:

“Brielle” Boot, this is a new look to me.  I think this boot would be rather nice to have if you lived somewhere that had a lot of snow.  
‘Mary Jane’.  A classic.  I had a pair of these once.  They were nice.

classic oxfords.  I had a pair of these at some point as well.

An original, the ‘Pascal’ boot.  I always thought this looked like an army boot… didn’t know it was designed as an actual Army boot until today.  Go figure!  
‘8053’.  This was the last part of Dr. Marten’s that I owned.  When I went off to college and was walking a few miles a day, the weight of the shoe really started to hurt my bad knee.  And that was the end of Dr. Marten’s for me.
‘Hackney’ Boot.  I tried these on at Nordstrom.  The smaller sole on them is really nice; it makes for a light weight boot.  If I were to purchase another pair of Dr. Marten’s, it would be one like this with the thinner sole.   I can’t wear heavy shoes anymore!  

They don’t make these anymore.  This is what I would wear in the Summers.  With socks, of course!  

Jessica Alba wearing the Dr. Marten’s boots

While they may be in again, I don’t think I’ll be joining this trend.  While the shoes are comfortable, they weigh too much and make my knees hurt.  Sucks getting old.

Here are some of my favorites:

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