Leopard Print Shoes

I wanted to share with you my new shoes for the Fall! They are right on trend with Fall 2013 flats, smoking slippers, and animal prints!

They are shiny because they are actually calf-hair

They are by VC signature purchased from Nordstrom’s .  I *almost* purchased these instead of the leopard print:

Cole Haan 'Sabrina' Loafer (Online Only Color)
These are by Cole Haan, can be purchased here

 I will say, I LOVE Nordstrom’s shoe department.  They usually have really good service.  They are also really good with returns.  One time my mom even wore a pair of tennis shoes all day at Disneyland, they hurt her feet, took them to the Nordstrom’s right near Disneyland, they took them back with no questions or dirty looks!

I can’t wait to wear these!

What shoes have you purchased for the fall?