My Favorite Things: Nespresso Coffee Machine

Today I am sharing with you another one of my favorite things: a Nespresso maker!

My husband and I received this as a Christmas present last year as our Keurig broke… and we LOVE it.

I will give you some comparisons between the Nespresso and the Keurig.

We also have the aeroccino, which froths your milk in about 40 seconds!  It is GREAT!

It makes a shot of foamy, delicious espresso in 10 seconds. It takes about 10 seconds for the machine to warm up.  So… in less than a minute you have your own homemade latte ready!

When you are thinking about purchasing this machine, keep in mind, it IS an espresso machine. So it makes an espresso shot of coffee, NOT a big huge cup of coffee like the Keurig.  

The pods cost $0.60 each, about the same price for K-cups on the Keurig.  They now have 21 different types of pods (they call them “Grand Crus”). 

colorful Grand Crus

The Grand Crus have regular espresso shots and then “Lungos” which brew a *slightly* larger espresso shot.  They have seasonal offerings and recently added chocolate, caramel, and vanilla to their regular flavors.  To read about all of their pod types, click here.

My personal favorite is the purple one, Arpeggio.  I use it to make my lattes.  I also use the vanilio one to make my homemade caramel macchiatos.

They have a wide range of machines in all price ranges.  They usually have deals between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so keep your eyes open during this holiday season!

Lattissima Plus, $399
Gran Maestria, $699. Includes a cup warmer!
Essenza, $99, cheapest model.

I really love this coffee machine, more so than the Keurig.  If you are debating between the two of them for this Christmas, as an owner of both, let me give you a quick list of pros/cons.



pros: slightly cheaper pods (by $0.03!!), machine can be cheaper, pods easier to purchase in stores, pods come in many different flavors, brews a large cup of drip coffee

cons: coffee is more watered down and therefore cannot make as good as lattes, my machine BROKE after <2 years which I consider a huge con considering the price! No milk frother.


pros: brews strong espresso shot which is great if you like lattes and cappuccinos, coffee is more foamy and tastes better, milk frother is fantastic

cons: machine more expensive, can’t make a large cup of drip coffee, not many pod coffee flavors, can only brew coffee and not milk chocolate/teas.

So there you have it.  I have used both machines for 1 year and those are my honest opinions.  I was not paid (unfortunately!) to write anything about these companies or their products.

Alright, enough typing, time to go enjoy my home made cinnamon dolce latte!

I was NOT compensated for this post.