Joining Twitter… forgetting Facebook.

I decided to join Twitter today.  How can you ignore such a large social media agent after Ellen took that famous celebrity selfie at the Oscars?

I think it will be a nice fit for me. Only 140 characters per post.  If I want to write longer posts, then I can blog about it.  For other things I will also continue to use pinterest, which I’m totally addicted to.

I’ve been bored of Facebook.  Same stuff all the time.  However, I don’t plan on sharing my twitter with all of my Facebook friends.  I find that I feel like I have more in common with those in blog-land whom I’ve never met but who read the same blogs.  We obviously share (some) similar interests than old friends from 10+ years ago that I had a class with once.

I use Facebook to catch up with family more than anything.  However, I feel like when people post a gazillion pictures from everyone’s vacation and personal events you lose… something.  You know when you go over to a friend or family’s house and the two of you would sit there and flip through your wedding/vacation albums together?  That doesn’t happen anymore.  So, from now on facebook, I will only a few pictures from vacation.  If someone wants to see more, they will have to show interest in me and my life to get more… and vice versa.

On Twitter, I won’t be posting pictures of myself. I am a little shy and prefer some anonymity.  If I become internet famous, then hey, great, but I would want to be like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, or Kiss (does anyone know what they really look like?).  Famous but anonymous. 

It will be a new world of hashtags and tweets.  I’m ready!

So, follow me on Twitter, below: