Macaron shop review: Sucree

I recently found a new macaron shop! Woohoo! Perfect for my macaron love affair, especially during the Summer when it’s too hot for me to run my oven.

What’s neat about this macaron shop is that they have a TON of different favors every single day.

They post them on Facebook every morning… That way you can see if you’re favorites are being made that day. They not only make sweet flavors, but savory ones as well.

I tried 6 different flavors.

Sucree macarons
S’mores macaron

Smore’s: had marshmallow fluff in the middle, chocolate on the outside. Didn’t quite get the graham cracker taste from the shell, but this was good!

Raspberry Creme

Raspberry creme: just okay. I think I prefer to have a raspberry purée or jam filling.

Chocolate almond: chocolately almond filling in an almond cookie. Of course this was good!!

Guava: delicious! This was my favorite one. When I was in Hawaii this Spring I ate a bunch of guava. I saw some guava jam for sale but it was too big to fit onto my liquid carry ons. I was pleasantly surprised with this flavor and may attempt to make my own!

Peanut butter chocolate: tasty filling. I had never had a peanut butter macaron. It was kind of odd having such an American flavor in this French cookie. But I like anything peanut butter so naturally I liked it.
Blueberry lavender: it tasted like lavender. I couldn’t really taste the blueberry. Interesting, but I think I’ll leave lavender for my potpourri.

Final thoughts: I thought their macaron shell was really nice. It had a little crunch on top and then was chewy in the middle. I found that at the other places I have reviewed that the shells are often too soft. And these shells also have the right look: cute little feet with flat tops. I wish there was more color variation in the ones I had ordered but oh well.

If I had to choose between macarons from Lette, Sucree, and Bottega Louie… I would choose macarons from Sucree!

To my knowledge, this is the only macaron shop in the Inland Empire. Check it out here.

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