San Francisco Gingerbread Houses

This Spring I was visiting San Francisco and took a few pictures of some of the wonderful houses.

I thought I would share them with you today.

Now this house under construction below was pretty.  I initially thought the window trim was bright blue which I thought was a neat idea… but then I realized it was painter’s tape.  I still think bright blue would be a great idea!


San Francisco Houses

I enjoy all of the little gingerbread details

This house is just classic San Francisco style.

Wow! Look at this house below!  So pretty!  Notice the bay on the far left side of the picture…

 If you stand at the corner where that white Prius is above and look down, this is what you see: The Golden Gate!  Wow!

Another fabulous house!


I really liked the trees in front of the house on the right.

I like the wisteria on the house on the left…

This was the front door to one of the houses. What a rare thing to have a little yard with your front door.  Also like the neoclassical details of the porch!

This house reminded me of France…

And to end today’s post, another classic San Francisco style house!

What do you like about the Victorian architecture in San Francisco?