Macaron Day 2015!

In honor of macaron day this year, I’ve rounded up my macaron recipes!

Lemon Raspberry Macarons
Orange Blossom Macaron Recipe

Cherry Almond Macarons

Chocolate Hazelnut Cat Macarons

Chocolate Ganache Macarons

And just to prove to you… practice makes perfect.  My first macarons in the pictures below did not have the flat tops and pretty feet, but they do taste VERY GOOD.  The problem with my macarons below is that I underfolded them… so to remedy the problem, all I needed to do was turn the almond flour a few more times into the meringue!

Salted Caramel Macarons

Marionberry Macarons

Orange Macaron Recipe

Pistachio Macarons
Lemon Macarons

Raspberry Macarons! 
Biscoff/Speculoos Cookie Butter Macaron

In less than a month I will be tasting some *real* macarons from Paris!
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