Weekend Whimsy #3

Welcome to this weekend’s edition of Weekend Whimsy!  


You have got to check out these two fabulous houses in Texas. I am in love with the French doors, the steel doors and windows, and this beautiful courtyard.


Yes, it’s TRUE.  Nintendo is finally coming out with their Super Mario games for the iPhone. *Children of the 80s cry in delight* 


Here are some tricks to creating a healthy, filling, and inexpensive lunch salad.


Yes, an owl cafe opened in London this week.  Only for 1 week. If you live in London and want to feel like Harry Potter… well, you know where to go.


Looking for some new tv shows to watch? Here are some foreign tv shows that are excellent to binge watch.  Although, Sherlock is missing from this list which is a must-watch!


Here is a homemade croissant recipe. Only problem is… apparently croissants take three days to make. I think I will buy them then, thank you.


A student designed this faucet the produces totally cool patterns in the water. Plus it saves water too.

Hope you enjoyed!