Weekend Whimsy #5 – Easter Edition!

Welcome to this Easter edition of Weekend Whimsy!


Wow, look at these very pretty Easter baskets, from Martha Stewart, who else??


Have a look at these fancy imperial Faberge eggs… they are just so incredibly pretty.


How cute are these bunny sneakers?? They also come in black! 


Don’t know what to do with all of those extra eggs? How about making this healthy greek yogurt egg salad sandwich?


The pictures on this blog are so pleasing to the eye… but I have no idea what the blog says as it’s in another language. Take a look at these pretty Easter pictures!


I am in love with this hare fabric… I would use it besides Easter time! 


These tussie mussie napkins have me just dying from cuteness!  They are easy to make too, you could pull it off in time for tomorrow!


This rabbit menu card is so cute… the little bunny tail carnation is so clever! 


I fell in love with the Pottery Barn glitter eggs but they sold out before I could buy them… this is the perfect Pottery Barn Easter copy-cat! 


28 beautiful Easter tablescapes to ooh and aah ate! 

And will end it for the week!!

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Pictures are not my own.