Weekend Whimsy… French edition

Here with another weekend whimsy… I’ll be taking a break for the next 2 weekends while I’m on vacation.

This is the French edition… sans graphics.

– Check out this beautiful wedding at a Chateau in France

– What to pack in your carry-on for long airplane flights

– The pictures on this blog from a walking tour of Paris are sooo pretty!

– Choosing a Louis Vuitton Purse

– Did you know you can rent a French chateau for pretty cheap??

– What to wear in Paris in the Spring

– OMG. you need to check out this French clothing label, Sezane. OR don’t. because I promise you’ll find something you’ll like. So… don’t check it out. your wallet thanks me.

– Pastry shops in Paris I’m going to try

Before and After pictures of a chateau reno in France!

– A very famous kitchen shop all chefs/bakers/foodies need to visit

This blogger went to Paris for four months but then… four months turned into several years.  She has the prettiest pictures and the most beautiful instagram. Y’all need to check out her blog.

One non-French thing…. Game of Thrones starts this weekend! Who’s excited?! (me!!!). Remind yourself here of what happened last season so you’re ready for the season 5 premiere!

Ok, hope you enjoyed this weekend’s French edition of Weekend whimsy!!

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