Which Louis Vuitton Would You Choose?

I’m headed to Paris in April and for my big 3-0 birthday I am going to get a Louis Vuitton from their store headquarters on the Champs-Elysees. Swoon. Dream come true!

Question is though… what bag to get?!?  They have so many different types of bags, which is nice, but at the same time makes it hard to choose for someone who is a little indecisive about it.

So, I could appreciate your two cents.  (No really, I could use the two cents to help me buy this bag! haha!!).

Let’s look at the choices that I’ve narrowed it down to…
Now this is the classic speedy bag.  It’s what Louis Vuitton is known for.  Iconic monogram, iconic shape.  Here’s the problem though… this bag loses its cute shape when you put stuff in it. And the opening into it isn’t very big. But, they do make felt bag shapers to let the bag keep its shape.

The speedy in blue. Same purse. Just in blue. What I like about this pattern is the Spring/Summer feel of it. But there’s one problem with the Damier Azur pattern and it’s this:  the dye from your blue jeans will rub onto the pattern and stain it. Yes, ruined forever… unless you’re careful. I would be careful.

This “Dora” bag is a recent introduction to their collection. I like the classic lines of the bag and the fact that it keeps its shape.  It also has an optional shoulder strap which is major bonus points to me because I’m more likely to tote it around town.  All of the dora bags have optional shoulder straps.
I quite like the black edges around this one because it won’t fade like the traditional tan edges do. But the bag is stiff and it is hard to get your hand in and out of it.

The Dora in a soft leather with a new pattern.  It’s different.  I am unsure how I feel about the red letters… definitely a Winter bag.

The Marais bag.  This bag is nice because it has three separate compartments to store your stuff.  The only thing though, is that I don’t think it can fit on your shoulder. (I have to go play in the store to see if I can get it on my shoulder).  So it’s really a hand-bag.  I really need to be able to at least put the bag on my shoulder for me to use it… otherwise it will likely sit in the closet.
Apparently, however, this bag has been retired and will be unavailable for purchase!

The Salina bag. I actually really love this bag.  I think this color pattern would go better with my wardrobe than the classic monogram.  Since this bag sits up high enough from your jeans you wouldn’t have to worry about dye transfer.
They are retiring this bag as well, from what I was told.

The Neverfull.  It’s a very practical bag. You can through anything and everything into it.  But I’m not really that in-love with the shape.  The straps on the side could  allow you to adjust the shape.  This is the most cost-effective choice, which is why I think I see this bag everywhere.

The Neverfull in Damier Azur.  What I like about this pattern is how Spring/Summer like it feels. This bag would probably not get dyed from your jeans.

The Reviro. I like the black straps on it, it does zip. It has a nice classic shape and it wouldn’t lose its shape. The metal on the bottom of the bag would keep it from getting dirty.

 Help me decide!  Which one do you vote for?! Leave a comment!

Written at http://peoniesandorangeblossoms.blogspot.com
pictures are from the Louis Vuitton website.

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  1. April 2, 2015 / 2:29 am

    The Speedy, The Salina, and the Reviro would all be my choices. One in each color, thank you, pick them up for me in Paris!