Chanel Paris Salzburg Campaign – Friday Favorites

This week for Friday Favorites I’m going to dedicate my whole post to one thing: The Chanel Paris Salzburg fashion show.  Yes, I know I’m a little late to jump on the bandwagon since this show initially premiered in Salzburg in December 2014, but it wasn’t until I saw an ad in Vogue for June 2015 that I knew anything about it. The collection launches for purchase this June, so let’s have a closer look:

I stared at this ad for a second and thought, oh, Pharell is modeling for Chanel. Cool. Then I had a closer look… Is he wearing… Lederhosen?? YES! And she is wearing… boiled wool and… edelweiss! WHAT?!
It is like… high fashion meets Tyrolean design. Auch, du meine Liebe! And my heart swooned at  boiled wool, the boots, the wool sweaters, and the edelweiss.  Now,  I can only hope that the style will trickle down to the masses so it can be affordable for people like me!! However, I know this style probably won’t appeal to the masses as most people probably aren’t into these looks. However, as I have a love for all things German (that includes Austrian) and French, naturally I love these!!

I’m sharing my favorites from the collection.  It was hard not to include every look! You’ll have to click for more at the jump because there are a LOT of pictures in the post and I didn’t want the whole page to take forever to load.

I’ll start off with one of my favorite looks. Love the coat, the lederhosen, the Bavarian/Tyrolean hat with the feathers.  Naturally I love the black leather boots too!

I would wear this. 

Loved the green boiled wool coat…

 Loved the white military wool coat with the lace up boots…

 Love the jacket plus the little boy’s outfit! I love the blue military style of the jacket and I love the lace up blue tall boots!

 Love the leather shorts and the hat; you could rock this at the Oktoberfest!

 A very fine coat green wool coat to wear….

 Also love this red coat…

 I love this wool jacket as well, with the red piping on the edges! Of course I love the black boots too.   I’m seeing a pattern with these lace up boots!

 I love the wool sweater, the coat, the leather shorts, the tall socks but most of all I love the shoes… yes those are edelweiss on the shoes!!

 Love the sweater and tights!

 I love this whole look, but especially the pants. I would totally wear this.

 Yes there were male models in the show too.  Chanel does lederhosen. I also like the traditional coat. Granted, his pants are kind of tight.

 Love the pants but I love how the classic Chanel tweed jacket has an Austrian flair.

 Love the Austrian flair on this tweed as well.

 I just liked this white outfit… the classic Chanel suit.

 Love the cape but love the shoes with the flowers even more!

 I love the sweater, the tights, the hat, the purse, and the clogs!!!

 Love all the little German patches on the purse with traditional ribbon edges. Again, notice the clogs and tights! I don’t know what to say about the pink Leia hair ear muffs though.

 You can look tres chic at the Oktoberfest in the outfit below…

 I LOVE the edelweiss shoes. And the whole look.

 I saw jackets like this red one below on my travels to Germany and Austria.

 I think this jacket may be my favorite.  Again I love the shoes and I also like the hat!

 More guys modeling traditional wear with boiled wool coats and lederhosen.  I bet you didn’t even notice that he was wearing lederhosen.

 How cute is this little boy?  He’s apparently Karl Lagerfeld’s godson.

 I just love the sweater set below; not a fan of the skirt or tights. Notice the clogs!

 Modern German/Austrian mens wear. Although I think the pants are a bit too tight.

 Like this look as well…

While the model is swimming in this coat, I like the coat, the sweater, and the hat! I think lace-up boots are going to be coming in fashion as well.

 While this dress is ho-hum, if you look closely she is wearing pins of pretzels and edelweiss!

 I liked this men’s sweater and pants.

Love the hat and jacket.

 Love this take on the traditional dirndl.  I like the traditional ribbon on it.

 I also love the look of this traditional dirndl.  However, you can’t see in the picture that all of the flowers on the dress are actually beaded.  This is a fancy dirndl!

One thing I wanted to point out is how the hair was styled…  A lot of my relatives like to wear their hair with ribbons in it which I know comes from the German in them! I love it and I love that’s how the looks were styled! I also totally loved all of the hats with the feathers!!! I have a traditional hat but never wear it.  I also have a dirndl. 

hair ribbons with edelweiss in the center, love it!!!

I found some close-ups of some of the shoes and a bag…

I think I need these Edelweiss loafers.

More pictures from the ad campaign… like the jackets? Notice the green boiled wool bag that looks kind of looks like lederhosen?

 Maybe Pharell can make German-Austrian wear cool to wear?? The shoes on both models are fun, and of course the little boy is cute as a button.

All of the pictures are from the official Chanel website.  You can see the whole collection and watch the official show by going to the Paris Salzburg Chanel campaign.  The campaign launches for sale this month (so we can experience sticker-shock).

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  1. Anonymous
    June 5, 2015 / 3:19 pm

    Wow! I super love this. Thanks for sharing!
    Cassandra E

    • June 5, 2015 / 3:25 pm

      Oh, I'm so glad! They posted more information about each outfit on their website with "price available upon request" aka out of my budget.

  2. June 6, 2015 / 2:47 am

    Wow! I saw a fashion show at the Interalpen Hotel in Austria a few years ago and feel in love with traditional German wear. This is really fun! I hope that we get some knock-offs in everyman's price range!!