Weekend Whimsy!

Alright, I’m back this weekend with another edition of weekend whimsy!  I’ve gathered around some of my favorite reads from around the web and am sharing them with you!


I really enjoyed this round-up of farmhouse exteriors.  I’m kind of diggin’ the white farmhouse with metal roof thing.

I know you all like flowers.  You need to check out the pictures from the Chelsea Flower Show in London that occurred just recently.  I’ve officially added attending this show to my bucket list.

I liked these great graduation desserts from Martha Stewart.  I know you’ll probably have to attend (or throw) a graduation party soon, so check out link for some great ideas.

Ever spilled candle wax on something?  This guide is great for getting candle wax out of things.  I totally did the iron/paper towel trick once when I got wax down the front of my sweater.

Apparently Flying Tiger Copenhagen from Denmark is going to try to give Swedish powerhouse Ikea a run for their money.  Ever heard of them? Me neither, but apparently they’re coming to the USA.  They seem to have a lot of neat things for your desk and such.