Friday Favorites

It’s Friday and I’m back with some more Friday Favorites this week! Can you believe July is over?? I can’t. It was a big month for us. Moved from SoCal to NorCal.  Both of us started new jobs. Big things happening over here.
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French Pastries
I have a French pastry problem. The problem is… I love them and can’t stop eating them.  These pastries are from Craftsman & Wolves in San Francisco.  The one of the left is a raspberry eclair and was delicious! The one of the right is called a peach twinkie.  It is nothing like a twinkie!  With the edible flower blossoms and fresh peach cream inside, it is a delight!  If you are heading to San Francisco, I recommend going there.  I wrote about them in a blogpost here.

This honey from the Savannah Bee Company is one of the best honeys I’ve ever had. It’s an orange blossom honey and it actually tastes like orange blossom! I’ve many other orange blossom honeys but they never actually taste like orange blossom.  But this one does! As you can see, we already used half the bottle!

We planted pumpkins on July 1 when we moved it and this was them earlier this past weekend. We planted them from seed. There are 6 different varieties.  I’ve been outside cackling around like a witch… grow my pretties!  While they look really big, they need to started growing like mad if we are to have pumpkins by Halloween!

Pretty Tile
This past week we were playing at the San Francisco Design Center and I saw this pretty tile design on the wall.  Wouldn’t you love to have this… in your kitchen, bathroom, or outside, or anywhere? It’s so beautiful!

 Liberty London at Nordstrom
This past week when we went to the downtown San Francisco Nordstrom’s we checked in at Liberty London’s pop-up store!  If you’ve never heard of Liberty London, LL is actually a department store in London that sells really cute products!  They are known for the cute floral prints! They have no current store in the USA, so Nordstrom struck a little deal with them.  Nordstrom is exclusively selling their merchandise for 1-2 months.  If your local Nordies doesn’t have the pop-up store, that’s okay, you can get everything online.  I purchase the gardening gloves on the bottom right – they are soft and cute, and long to protect my arms from the rose thorns!  Here are some of the other things I eyed as well… oh, did I mention they give you a free cute little shopping bag if you buy something?

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