Friday Favorites!

Is it Friday ALREADY?! Where’d the time go???

Going to the Ranch
You know what I love about Summer? Going out to the Ranch.  Just about 10 minutes from us is a large farm operation that grows a multitude of vegetables… including fresh corn!  They pick truck loads and just dump it in the back (as you can see). We’ve been eating this corn all Summer long. We’ve slowly watched their corn crops come down as the Summer carries on.  We get most of our fresh fruits and veggies here. It’s really fantastic! This isn’t just “buying local” this is like… micro local! ha!

A Cute Box

I got this cute Quimper box in Napa not too long ago. It was full of Breton shortbread cookies.  Honestly, I bought the cookies for the box. Do you ever buy things for the box? I admit, I have a box problem. And a bag problem. Why can’t I get rid of my designer shopping bags??

Fall is Coming
I’ve noticed that Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma now have sneak previews of their Fall inventory.  I was flipping through a Bethany Lowe catalog that was mailed to us… I thought these two things were cute: an owl lantern and a “Boo” garland with vintage Clapsaddle characters

New Shoes!

I bought a new pair of shoes… these pretty Christian Louboutin pumps! I don’t know why that red heel is so alluring, I guess it’s called good marketing!  I am hoping they fit! They’re supposed to arrive this weekend! And yes, I am aware these shoes are insanely expensive – that’s why I found them used. It’ll be our little secret.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Did you catch the meteor shower that started this week? Every summer, the Perseid meteor shower occurs.  The night of August 12 and August 13 produced the best conditions because there was a moon-less sky!  My friend, husband, and I sat outside here in the country and did some star gazing for several hours.  I think we saw approximately 30-40 shooting stars! It was amazing!  If you missed it, it still continues tonight. So look outside after sunset! While star gazing, I also use this cool iphone/ipad app called SkyView… it shows you constellations, satellites, and planets! There is a free version and a paid version – I received the paid version for free as it was one of Starbucks’ gold members perks – if you are a Starbucks gold member, check it out and download it for free! (I was not paid to write about this).

not my photo, someone took a cool time-lapse of the meteor shower!

Well, that’ll do it for this week! See y’all on Monday… where I’m going to talk about eating in Paris!!

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  1. August 14, 2015 / 7:20 pm

    Yay for eating local. Also, those shoes. I'm drooling. EBay? And I need that owl AND bunting – I heart Halloween decor 🙂

    • August 14, 2015 / 8:33 pm

      Yep, eBay! and guess what? They came in the mail just now! omg I'm in love.