Friday Favorites #16

More Pumpkins from our Garden!!

Since I posted the Fall house tour this week, my husband and I actually harvested more pumpkins from our garden… I thought I’d share them with you. I love the blue-gray pumpkins we planted, they are the “Jarrah” variety.  So much fun!!

 Some other baby boos in white and orange, and then some white pumpkins that didn’t get nearly as big as we wished! Boo indeed!

Pumpkin Gourd

Several weeks ago we went to a gourd festival at our local produce ranch just down the road.  They had all of these vendors selling these hollowed out gourds! We liked this little Jack O’lantern gourd and took him home with us! 

New Teapot!

Remember last week when I wrote about how I love Tea Forte’s pumpkin spice tea? Well, I realized I didn’t have a proper teapot to brew my tea in!  This in a Mackenzie Child’s teapot that brews 4 cups of tea! So instead of having 1 cup of pumpkin spice tea I can now have 4! Yes! It came in a little set with a small sugar and creamer too.  You can check it out here. I think the teapot would make a nice Christmas gift for a tea-lover!

Do you drink your tea with milk/cream or do you drink it plain? I like mine with milk!

I rode a pony!

Oh, so I forgot to write about this last week: I rode a pony! yes, one of those “kid” pony rides at carnivals where they go around in circles. Well, I’m a big kid at heart. And I totally loved it!  I had never been on a pony before.  My pony was all giving me the side-eye, thinking, “Why do I always get the “heavy kid”.  YeeHaw!  

Juliska “Forest Walk”
Juliska came out with a new pattern for the Fall called “Forest Walk”.  The pattern idea came actually from a walk in the forest… apparently the owner’s family went for a walk and grabbed items in the forest.  When they came home they assembled them on the table, and voila! A new pattern was born inspired from the items picked on the forest walk!
I had been looking to see the pieces in person but my local Juliska dealer didn’t get them in yet! I finally found it in downtown San Francisco! I think the pieces look much better in person than online!

picture I took from downtown SF Neiman Marcus!

 I really like the look of the plates… all stacked together! The plates and bowls seem handmade but they are not.  See how cute the pattern looks all stacked up together?

 And how much fun is this pitcher with the antler as a handle?

The only thing though, when you take the plates away from the stack and leave them separately on the table, they seem kind of boring and empty in the center. The little bread plate is cute, but the dinner plate is really boring except on the edge!  If I didn’t already have a china set for Thanksgiving (Spode’s “Woodland”) I would consider this set! You can purchase Juliska “Forest Walk” here.

What do you think of the new china pattern by Juliska? Are you in or out?

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  1. October 9, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    Oh I adore your fall images! The dishes are to die for and your jack o' lantern gourd is just wonderful.
    Happy Friday!