Favorite Fashion from the Golden Globe Awards 2016

Bonus post today! I totally forgot the golden globes were airing this past Sunday but I already wrote my kitchen post and have something for you tomorrow so I thought I’d just write an extra post for today!


I usually write about my favorite outfits from the golden globes and the oscars? Why? Because it gives us an excuse to look at pretty dresses! I don’t care about who wins, but I do like pretty things!
Kate Winslet always has a nice classic taste in style. She looks pretty here.


When I first saw this red Dior dress on Jennifer Lawrence with the cut out I thought -meh, but it looked better on tv! 


The print on this baby pink/white dress is nice.


Catriona from Outlander fame wore this black number, it kind of seems nightgown-ish to me, but she looks pretty anyway.


If think this dress would look great on “normal” older women.. but I love sparkly things!


I still don’t know how I feel about this pink dress with the weird fringe cut outs – especially on the back. But I do love the color. I imagine this dress would be fun to twirl in, and it’s probably why she picked it! I am sure the fringe is silk so it probably feels good! 


I don’t know this actress but this pretty white dress she is wearing seems to have a pretty flow to it when she twirled for the picture!


When this actress below was asked “who she is wearing” she said she had to go buy her dress at Neiman Marcus like us normal people because she wears a size 6 and the designers don’t have a dress for her.  


The green and black of this dress look good on this actress from one of my favorite new shows, Blind Sport, but why is it so low cut? 


I really like this dress Eva Longoria is wearing with the embroidered flowers and embroidered bow on the top! 


I like the cape and the necklace that Jennifer Lopez is wearing.


Lily James of Downton abbey and Cinderella looks like a Grecian Goddess.


One of the few actresses to wear a printed fabric dress was Rachel McAdams… I like the pink/red flowers in it! 


Which dress is your favorite? I think my favorite was Jennifer Lopez. She really just rocked her look and I love the necklace – #12.  Leave a comment below with your favorite!

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  1. January 12, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    So many pretty dresses! I love that that actress kept it real about designers not making a range of sizes. And even if she had to go to a 'normal store' that dress is gorgeous!

  2. January 14, 2016 / 11:19 am

    I really liked the answer that the lady who had to go to the store to buy the dress gave them. Horray for the normal woman!!

    • January 14, 2016 / 7:07 pm

      Me too! I agree, Hooray for normal women indeed! IT's just so ridiculous, that actress is still skinny but geez, not everyone can fit into 0's!

  3. January 15, 2016 / 6:36 am

    I already feel a kinship with you Angelina. It's like we are long lost soul mates or have been life long friends. LOL.

    I agree, Kate Winslet, always looks amazing!

    J Law… I agree! Looked better on TV for sure.

    The print on the pink and white is nice, but the flow on stage wasn’t working for me.

    Now Catriona… I love that dress! It is very much something I would go for. It has a very 1930- 1940’s look. Which I love!

    The sparkly dress is beautiful and very Helen Mirren style. I’m a huge fan of her!

    As for Kate Blanchett… she is fashion forward, but a classicist at heart. She actually prefers wearing mens clothing but having them tailored to fit her body. As for the dress… I like it. At the same time, though, something about it doesn’t work for me. I do think it worked well for her. I remember one of the gowns she wore a few years back. Kate took quite a bit of heat on Fashion Police. I actually felt bad for her. Good old Joan Rivers. She was such a hoot and a class act. LOL

    #8 is a pretty dress. Nice, clean, simple and elegant.

    #9 should have contacted Rachel Zoe. Yes designers do make size 6 and they also custom tailor gowns to celebrities. I have no idea who this celebrity is, though.

    Blind Spot is one of my new favorites too! The green dress is gorgeous with that Art Deco style pattern. I don’t think just anyone could pull this gown off as well as the pretty little actress from the Blind Spot. Ladies with a little less on top can get away with those deep plunging necklines. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in something that low. I’d be fidgeting with my gown all night long worried that a mortifying nip-slip would happen. Can you imagine? Oh dear.

    Eva Longoria has a unique style and always looks amazing in anything she wears.

    J Lo has an amazing fashion sense. She always looks beautiful in her classic dresses that have just the right amount of fashion forward touches to them to not look trendy or flashy. I love her clothing line.

    The Grecian Goddess dress was a favorite. That dress is definitely a style I would wear too.

    My favorites are Catriona #5 and Lily #13.

    What a fab post! Thank you for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    Olivia- Co-Hostess
    Reinvented Collection

    • January 15, 2016 / 7:20 pm

      We do seem to have similar interests! This is one reason why I like blogging. I do miss Joan Rivers, I would always watch her show the day after any awards, it was always so funny!

  4. January 15, 2016 / 8:06 pm

    i thought that jennifer lawrence at least looked interesting. it wasn't my favorite look or dress, but it certainly was A DRESS, and not in a hot mess sort of way. hot mess to me was jane fonda and kate hudson. not good.