Five on Friday #5

You all seemed to like the new format for Five on Friday!  Hooray! I’m liking it too.
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On the net….
1. Earlier this week I blogged about driving around Napa and looking at the Napa Valley home style.  I thought I would share a beautiful Napa home designed by Richard Hallberg, it is a slideshow of his top 10 decorating tips and images of the beautiful house below.

2. Are you a No-Reply blogger? That means when you leave a comment, people cannot reply back to you to let you know that they’ve responded to your comment.  Guess what. I discovered I was a no-reply blogger! *gasp* I didn’t used to be, but when I switched my blogspot profile over to a google+ profile, it switched me. This tutorial here teaches you if you are a no-reply blogger, and if you are, how you fix it!

A perfume fit for a queen, literally!  The Palace of Versailles and Guerlain perfume teamed up to create a perfume named “Le Bouquet de la Reine”, or “The Queen’s Bouquet”.  The scent’s inspiration is from the gardens of Versailles, and in particular Jasmine, her favorite flower.  It is a limited edition perfume made to help raise money to restore the Palace Apartments.  You can read more here and purchase it  if you wish, up until May 17.

The bottle of the perfume has the Sun King’s 23-point sun designed on it

From the Blog…
Since Springtime is around the corner, I enjoyed revisiting my post about tulipieres.  A What? AKA a fancy vase that stacks way high and shows off your flowers individually. I *love* mine! There are many different types of tulipieres, you need to check it out.

Favorite Instagram

I couldn’t decide. I *love* this floral arrangement below.

And this English hunt below really did happen recently. Don’t you love the English and their traditions?

I’m getting ready for Spring and I purchased this totally cute linen tunic from Nordstrom. I bought it and put together this cute little Spring outfit.

Shop my outfit:  linen tunic / gold sandals / purse/ hat / 

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