Five on Friday #8

Hello everyone! Aren’t you just SO HAPPY that it’s finally not dark at 5pm anymore?? In my head, this is the first week of Spring!  I’m excited about this week’s Five on Friday, so let’s jump in!
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From the Net

When I was looking for dining room table inspiration (which I wrote about in a post here), I ran into the prettiest Swedish Summer house.  The interior design is by Marshall Watson, and I just love the use of pale Swedish blues and greens.  Look at this entryway for example… I LOVE the mora clock, the curtains in the back are Chelsea Editions Large Check. Click here to tour the rest of this beautiful house!

Have you gals seen the new Spring dresses from Anthropologie yet??? There are some cute dresses!  I was shopping around looking for a dress to wear in Hawaii (aka an excuse to buy a dress because I feel like it!) when I decided I COULDN’T decide!

Let’s just start with my favorite… I just love this white eyelet dress! This is perfect for Spring, Easter Brunch, Bridal showers!  It would go well with my tan I intend to get (ok, who am I getting, the sunburn I will have).  You know, the cut of it has kind of an Edwardian feel, doesn’t it?

This shirt dress looks really comfortable and it is totally figure-flattering (and forgiving!)

I really like this striped fringed dress below, I think I would actually wear it as a beach cover-up!

I love the print on the red and white dress below.  The details are really cute!

I think this chambray shift dress below is incredibly versatile!  You can wear it as a dress, you could wear it with leggings.  Don’t you think that’d be cute… perfect dress for *all* ages!

This maxi dress below is so cute with its cherry blossom print! It looks like so much fun to twirl in!

I love the Spring print on this butterfly and flower dress!

This sandstone maxi below looks really comfortable… and it would show off your Summer tan (or in my case, burn!)

This pink maxi dress below would look awfully good blowing on the breeze at the beach!

How cute are the backs of these new two dresses?? I love the dress below with the rope knot pattern. How cute would it be to wear on a cruise?? If I were going on a cruise I would FOR SURE get this one!

cute sailor dress

The black and white two-tone dress is super duper cute!! Look at those buttons! 

Which dress would YOU choose? Leave a COMMENT!

Favorite Instagram
I realized I’ve been featuring my favorite instagram on the blog but not ON instagram.  So on my instagram, (you can follow me here @LePetit_Macaron) I will be featuring this pic too!  This week’s pic is from A Parisian Moment.  It is of a shop in Paris that repairs harpsichords!

So, sometime last week I deleted my personal Facebook (I never had one for the blog).  At first I thought I would miss it, as I have hundreds of “friends” going back to grade school, but then it occurred to me that we don’t even talk anymore and they just follow me.  Are they really *interested* in me and my life? If they were, I feel like someone would send me a message.  So instead of prying eyes looking into my personal life, I thought, well, if someone really cares to be my friend, we can email or talk on the phone.  So *poof*!  I deleted my account.   And guess what? I don’t miss it!  I don’t have to become jealous about someone’s lifestyle, I don’t have to listen to political rhetoric that I don’t care about, I don’t have 2000 pictures about someone’s kid who just learned to potty train, I don’t have ads popping up everywhere, and I don’t have Facebook spying on me and stealing my information.  So, I encourage you to do the same! You’ll have more free time (for, um, blogging!)

From the Blog
I’ve noticed a recent spike in searches on my site for Cherry Almond Macarons, so I thought I would feature my post about them!  Funny how searches change all of the time, I guess people are ready for Spring!!  These little cookies are really quite tasty, yes they are a little hard to make but even if you make them and they don’t get little feet, they still taste good!

Cherry Almond Macaron Recipe HERE

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  1. March 19, 2016 / 1:58 am

    A great "five!" Yes, I am thrilled that the days are getting longer! I would pick the red and white dress. I just followed you on Instagram 🙂