Five on Friday #16

Happy Friday Everyone!

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10 Steps to a French-Bistro Inspired Kitchen

10 steps to a French bistro inspired kitchen

Spotted – Retro Sneakers
Let’s have a talk about a shoe that is super in style right now – the retro sneaker. This falls into the athleisure trend which I am liking.  I have picked some favorites, which one would you pick?

Have you ever owned a pair of these? I have! My favorite pair were white with *gold* stripes! I wore them in high school. Adidas Superstar in Black (white with black stripes or red stripes here)

These Nikes with the leopard print are cool – Nike Internationalist Suede

Nike Women’s in Black are a classic statement

These New Balance sneakers are retro and come in many colors – (click on each) white and gold, black and white, pink and gray 

I actually bought this pair – it is a collaboration between Comme des Garçons / Chuck Taylors!!! They also come in black! They have limited sizing because they are selling out – they are also here

This is a favorite shoe by many – Vans ‘Classic’ Sneaker 

Michael Kors Leather and gold sneaker is super stylish!

adidas ‘Stan Smith’ Sneaker  is a classic and I’m sure you’ve owned a pair at some point in your life time. 

Miu Miu Women’s Metallic Toe in White are super fun!

Which one is your favorite??


So, do you remember my pretty tulipiere that I love so much? Well, guess what happened.

It broke

Yes indeed.  Here’s the story… This past Sunday I woke up to the sound of a bang and crashing glass at 6am (I am a night owl and had only just fallen a sleep several hours before). 

I get out of bed and find my husband laying on the ground, not moving, next to the table with blood on the ground and the vase scattered about in a million pieces.

I asked him, hey, are you okay? He doesn’t respond. I panic a little. I shake him harder and he finally acknowledges I’m there. “Oh, hi.” He says.  UHHH, are you okay and what happened???

Well, Miss Chloé Cat, was playing with the lace tablecloth that was dangling below the table. 

And then her claw got caught. And then, since she’s a cat, she panicked and took off… with the tablecloth and vase.  My husband knew how much I loved this vase, so he dove across the room trying to catch the vase – but naturally he could not save it because it is in pieces and you can’t catch them all.  

the perpetrator -“Did I do that?” 

So, the vase fell out of his hands, and cut him in the process, which explains the blood on the floor.  Why was he laying there when I woke up? He hit the ground so hard it knocked the wind out of him. 

After a bit of at home wound care, (no emergency department visits needed, luckily!), we cleaned up everything. The cat is okay, if anyone was wondering (that was my husband’s first question, is the cat okay? Yes, cat’s have 9 lives, she’s fine). Now my favorite vase is gone. Well, almost. The top part I had on a different table at the time, so 2 of the 3 pieces are gone.  It’s like a memorial vase now. Le sigh. And that is the story of the day the vase went kaput.

RIP vase

Favorite Instagram

Kerryhillfarm is one of my favorite Instagram accounts – she has a farm with the cutest sheep ever! She has the cutest little VW bug, and she travels and takes pretty pictures. You all MUST check out her IG and follow her! You’ll be delighted!

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Here I wrote about what you should wear Memorial Day Weekend!

I also have some Patriotic Table Decorating Ideas as well

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  1. May 20, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    so glad i came across your blog from the link up! hope you have a great friday my friend! feel free to drop by mine as well 😀

  2. May 20, 2016 / 10:30 pm

    Visited your blog and it looks so awesome. You did a great job in your re-design. So many beautiful pictures. I want everything!

  3. May 23, 2016 / 4:59 pm

    LoHello Angelina,

    Love the French Bistro kitchen and your adorable kitty too.

    I am also loving your new page. I think it captures your love for all things French. Great design. I am looking to refresh my blog too. Let's see how that goes.