French Style Houses… Part 2

In my searches, I could not find a “French Provincial House” actually in France. That’s when I learned that is an Americanized version of French houses! Oh,  how much I don’t know about architecture!

French Provincial Style

Steep hipped roof

French windows and shutters

Usually symmetrical and square

Stately and formal

Often have high windows at the second level


This style was popularized in America in the 1920s when soldiers came home from France after WWI.  It seems to be closest to the French style house Maison de Maitre.

from Howard Design studio



by A. Hays Town, source



from Pak-Heydt

This is one of my all-time favorites… just so beautiful!  If I weren’t doing a Mas (French farm house) then I would do this!

French Normandy

The French Normandy style is similar to English tudor because the French Normandy region is close to England.  These houses have a round stone tower with a conical roof.  This tower is usually near the center and is usually the entrance to the home, but it may be off to the side.  Borrowed elements from French chateaus include steep roof pitches, high ridge lines and dormers.  Half-timber style is also in the French Normandy style house, aka the colombage style houses that are seen in England and France.

Below is an actual house in France.

Here is a French Normandy style with its conical shape roof to the right, but notice it has a mansard roof and also kind of looks like a chateau.

Below is an example of a half timbered house.  This is like the colombage style that is common in the Normandy region.

Hilton Vanderhorn Architects



French Eclectic

This is kind of a mishmash of French styles.  They are romanticized versions of French houses.  In general, this style has round dormers with oval windows, flared eaves, segmented arches, casement windows, shutters, and classic detailing.  For example, the house below is a prime example of French electric style!

Source – Cote de Texas

Another great example of French eclectic…  What is the style on the left side of the house? Looks almost Italian to me in the house below.  The front facade is French, the side… Italian?


You won’t see this type of house in France. But it is very cute!! I like the wood beams for the porch… they remind me of the ones I saw in Marie Antoinette’s Hameau.

by Ken Tate

Here is a very modern take on a French style house… definitely French eclectic!


So what style of house I am building?  When I started these posts I thought I was building a “French Country House”.  But after my study I learned, at least in terms of exteriors, there is no “French country” style house; it’s a made up term. I suppose, *technically*,  the house I will be building is a French eclectic style house.  However, I want it to look like a French Mas (farmhouse) or a French Chartreuse (elongated single story house out in the country).  Very confusing, isn’t it??
If you missed Part 1, you can read it here!





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    SO beautiful!!!!!

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    They're all gorgeous. I love the Provencial style.

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    Oh I've been waiting for this post. I love them all! We so appreciate you joining the Thoughts of Home on Thursday gathering. May you have a delightfully lovely weekend.

  4. May 23, 2016 / 12:10 pm

    Enjoyed this post and the Historical reference to French architecture.
    We are living in our little French Chateau on a couple of acres.
    It is a blend of Texas Hill country too, but nevertheless it does have some French design.
    These are all masterpieces of homes.
    Thank you for sharing this at TOHOT too.
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