Inside Prince William and Kate’s Kensington Palace Apartment

Just within the past few weeks, we got a first peek into Prince William and Kate’s Kensington Palace apartment 1A!!   The reason we were able to sneak a peek into the apartment was because they were hosting the POTUS.  But, let’s not focus on the faces in these pictures.  Let’s look at the furniture and decor!

At immediate glance in the room, I’m noticing a muted color palette of pinks, blues, and creams.  I totally love this.  The oil paintings in the back of the room are marvelous, although, don’t you think the one on the left is hanging up a bit too high?  The antique oils are from the Royal Collection.

Let’s see, the palace must be very dark, as there are lots of a table lamps.  I spy a French bergere chair by the fireplace with a bombay chest to the right of the bergere. The octagonal ottoman in the center of the couches is interesting with a stuffed animal Bo on top brought out for the occasion. I like the fabric on the ottoman! A round single pedestal table in the back serves as the bar – no bar carts here! I see behind that what appears to be a pink silk chair… and a hidden door.

On the left in the picture below, a Chinese garden stool in blue and white sits next to the couch next to Kate.  I can’t see the table, it looks like maybe a bamboo gold table behind the stool?  The pillow appears to be silk with a botanical print on the front and pink on the back.  I see a candle burning on modern lucite table… it reminds me of what I read about William and Kate’s wedding: they filled Westminster Abbey with Jo Malone Orange Blossom candles… wonder if that’s what is burning here!

The table next to Prince William does appear to be lucite, don’t you think? It is one way to make a palace for a future King more modern – add some plastic. No worries, an antique gold table sits behind with family pictures.  Behind Obama I spy a grand piano and an antique vase.  Do you notice the window seats to look over the fabulous gardens of the palace?

Also, the couch is interesting with its bullion fringe – something that does not seem to be very popular right now.  I like the blue and white colors against the cream!  I also like the rug.  I also spy what appears to be a pair of gilt console tables in the back with family pictures.

Spring branches are displayed on the grand piano.  I see a pretty oil of a landscape behind it. And another chintz pillow in red this time. And more books and family pictures.

Here you can see a closer look of the blue and white fabric on the chair Prince William is sitting on.  It appears he has the same problem that my Dad always complains about with little antique chairs – he’s too big for the chair!

Alright, what can we see behind the ladies?  I like the marble urn table lamps with striped yellow and white lamp shades.  And yes, that is a pink silk damask chair behind Michelle.  It seems the couches are the same that sit across from each other with the bullion fringe.  They are quite deep, as everyone is having to lean on pillows to sit up! It seems Kate is leaning against a chenille pillow, or maybe it is velvet? I like the botanical print pillow on the left – seems English cottage to me!  I also spy some Chinoiserie vases in the back.  And of course, fresh flowers!

Oh, forgot to mention earlier, I LOVE the length of the drapes.  They are perfect! The perfect puddle of fabric.  They love to decorate with family pictures, don’t they? I see them scattered across all of the tables! I like the chest used as an end table… I use one as a coffee table currently! 

Remember the pair of gilt tables between the windows, like the one you see above? It seems they were in Charles and Diana’s apartment!  You can see one of them in the picture below!

Prince George stayed up past his bedtime to meet the POTUS.  Isn’t he cute with his little matching sleepwear and robe?  Ok, behind him what appears to be green lamps (maybe they are Jade? Opaline? Malachite? Or just painted green…).  A potted fern sits in a contemporary vase on a modern looking bookcase.  Lots of books and photo albums on the bookcase!  If you like Prince George’s outfit, you can find out more information on where to get it from What Kate’s Kids’ Wore.

Prince George playing on his rocking horse, a gift from the Obamas.  Isn’t he so cute? Pro-hosting tip: pull out the toys your guests gave your kids when they arrive.

I wish I could see the fabric on the curtains better!   The fabric on the chair below is interesting – appears to be blue and white.  The pillow looks like chenille, or velvet, or animal fur?? I also like they inlay table to the left of Kate.  I can’t tell what type of carpet they have, it appears to be a wool carpet in beige.

One last look at the apartment as it is today.   Want to see what it looked like before??

They kept the same doors and the same ceiling trim. Everything else – out! 

Oh, it appears the window seats actually cover the radiators! How clever!

 Previously, the *only* glimpse we had inside their apartment was this chair that Princess Charlotte was sitting on – which appears to be covered in a Chelsea Editions check.

  The remodel reportedly cost $5 million and they renovated 20 rooms in the palace.  They apparently have 3 reception rooms, two master bedrooms, and a guest suite.  The nanny has a room by the children’s bedrooms.  They have two kitchens, one for family and one for staff.  They have staff bedrooms in the upstairs, a laundry room, staff break room, and luggage room.  The remodel also had wifi, TV projector, and a panic room.  Here’s a look at the palace…

I quite like their remodel.  Often when I see pictures of the interiors of the private apartments, I think they all look very dated and sometimes quite ugly.  I know it’s hard not to say – well of course it’s dated, that painting is from the 16th century! But, you can decorate with antiques and still keep the look very in the now.   

Let’s see what I mean… A look back at one of the old rooms that got remodeled… wonder where the tapestry went???  Parts of the room are dated.  You could totally keep the bright yellow walls and tapestry, but change out the curtains and the fabrics on the chairs, don’t you think?

Another look at different room in the Kensington Apartment the way it was… very blue! Really, the most dating thing is the blue sofa and green chair.  The curtains are more fufu too. 

Yes, you may say, but those pictures are OLD. *OF COURSE* the rooms look dated!  Ok, fine. Here’s a picture of the Queen with the Obamas from the same visit.   I spy a Sevres vase in the back, beautiful silk and silver needlepoint fire screen, a (wrinkled) Persian rug… AND an ugly tv stand from the 1990s with a tv, a dated grey chair that’s worn on the right, and then a toile print sofa on the left.  Seriously, what’s with that ugly tv stand??

Anyway, I like the muted color palette of Kate and William’s apartment and think it is interesting how a modern day Prince decorates.  What I love about it is that it is beautiful and rich but does not look stuffy! 

UPDATE – Sunday May 1 in the afternoon

Since I posted this earlier in the morning, I read the news and HRH released some new pictures of Princess Charlotte in honor of her first birthday.  Isn’t she a cutie? Anyway, these photos were taken at their other residence, Amner Hall in Norfolk.  

What I notice is that the color palette seems to be the same. If I squint my eyes really hard I can pretend like I make out at a pattern of curtains in the back.

 Here she sits in a wicker chair. There is a beige and cream striped couch with bolder pillows on it.  The rug seems to be a wool rug of soft colors, beige, pink and green.  And, back to the star of the picture, aren’t her little outfits just darling??

What do you all think about the palace renovations??

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  1. May 4, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    What a fun glimpse into the life of the young royals. It doesn't surprise me that Kate and William prefer a softer and more up-to-date look….elegant but also relaxed. Thanks for the tour. Their children are so adorable.

  2. May 7, 2016 / 5:22 am

    Love, Love, Love the decor of the young Royals….I was wondering if the baby grand piano is the same one Diana and Charles had in their home….remember Wills and Harry playing on it with mommy and daddy during a photo opp?

  3. May 11, 2016 / 4:55 pm

    That was fun, thanks for sharing a glimpse inside their home! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

    • May 11, 2016 / 11:51 pm

      I'm glad you enjoyed the little royal tour, now if only we could have an official one guided by Prince Harry!