Choosing a Front Door, Shoes, and more! – Five on Friday #25

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House Updates… Front Door

WOO HOO! We are finally done with the architect and have moved on to structural engineering!!! It has taken us 8 MONTHS to get to this point.  Now it shouldn’t take *too* much longer (like a month or two) to actually like get really rolling with things and finally see something in real life and not on paper.  Which means… decisions, decisions, and decisions are on the horizon!

So, we have to pick out our windows and doors around now so the engineer can make sure that there is enough support surrounding the selected windows and doors.

Now, our architect wanted us to have steel front door that you would be able to look through an entryway and see all they way through through another steel window into the backyard, like so… (btw all these images below are from Pinterest)

Now, don’t get me wrong, this look is TOTALLY COOL and I really like it.  Now comes the but…. but steel windows are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. At *least* three times the cost of “regular” windows and doors and then some.  Having a steel window or door entrance wasn’t on my “dream house wish list” but having 3 ovens was (um yes, don’t judge, when you host Thanksgiving with 40 people every year you will know why I wanted 3 ovens).  The other two main problems with steel windows are this – they are not the best at insulation which is not good in a place that frequently is above 100 degrees.  And speaking of heat, the handles for door get ridiculously hot and will burn you when they have sun sitting on them all day. That’s not good. 

So instead, I’m changing the front door to something similar to this… 

Keep in mind, we are only look at doors, nothing else, not the shape of the room or the ceiling or anything.  I think this look is more French country and is more of the look I am going for in the end.   The first look is very contemporary and I am not too sure it really has been what I have been wanting.  I reviewed my posts about French style houses and no where do I notice a steel door entrance.

 Above is another example of a flat arch French door in a different stain.  Don’t know what color I will pick- if I keep it a natural wood or if I will paint! 

So, as I reflect back on my project, I have to keep reminding myself… is this where I want to spend my money? Do I really want this specific thing or is it there because the architect or someone said I needed it?  I reviewed my “dream home check list” that my husband and I made back when we were in school together many years ago.  We have everything on our list checked off.  Steel windows/doors were not on our “must have” list. 

You can always look at the most expensive thing and say, oh I like that, but you can’t do that for everything always, right?  I think the decision not to have steel entryway has made me feel better as I realized it wasn’t what I had quite envisioned. 

Where did you put your money in your house? Now, if we want to talk about where I’m spending my money… it’s the kitchen. 


I have been watching some of the events of the Olympics.   But I wish NBC would stop talking about stories and show more of the sports.  I think it is so interesting how every different type of sport has a specific body type that does well.  The gymnasts – petite. Runners – lean. Cyclists – big thighs. Swimmers – ripped torso. Weight lifters – big. And the list goes on.

Anyway, I just have to share this picture of Usain Bolt if you haven’t seen it already.  I love how everyone’s legs are so blurry because they are running that fast, but Usain literally has time to look back and give a smile for the camera because he is just so much faster than everyone else! I mean, imagine the other runners, literally running as fast as they possibly can, but still so slow that Usain can pose for a picture! 

image from Cameron Spencer/Getty Images


Ok, one night while I was staying up late I found some cute Fall shoes and just had to share them!

How much fun are these Cat flats in glitter!

I think these Gold, black, and alligator print sneakers are super stylish!!!

Wait, I’m seeing a theme, cute velvet mary janes with *glitter* heels.  All the shoes I was drawn to were shiny/sparkly! 

Instagram Picks for the Week!

I LOVE Instagram… it’s the perfect social media for my attention span. 

 This last one made me giggle… a hot dog in a croissant!!

From the Blog…

I thought I would reshare this bathroom remodel! Isn’t it just fabulous??? It is in my parents’ house!! I was looking at sconces one day and showed them to my mom, she said, oh! I already own those… they are the ones below in the picture!

elegant bathroom with mirrored sconces, venetian mirror, and restrain hardware vanity!

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  1. August 19, 2016 / 7:07 pm

    Love all those shoes and those cute fall cookies! I love all the doors pictured, and I can totally see why you wouldn't want the steel frame doors with the windows. They're pretty, but all those cons plus the price…no way!

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