Christmas, White House china, and more! Five on Friday

I don’t know about you guys but I am EXHAUSTED this week. TGIF.  I have been working like a mad dog and today is my 9th day of work in a row! I finally have a full weekend to rest now!
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White House China

I was perusing some pictures of the White House State Dinner this week and I was studying their table settings when I noticed something… I have the same pink goblets!

Do you see the pink goblet just above the knives? 

 Now check out mine! They’re the same! haha!  I was tinkled pink when I made the discovery! 

Here is another look at the pink glasses on another table from this week’s state dinner.  Oh and I just noticed something. In the picture below, I have similar French chairs!

Pretty Fall Colors

I was looking through these pretty pictures of Fall Colors and I thought you might enjoy them too. Click here to look at all the pictures!


I LOOOOOVE this 18″ Olive and Integrifolia Wreath.  Except right now I don’t have a place for it! WAhhhh! 

I really love this beautiful 6′ Dried Boxwood Garland as well! 

I was thinking this week about how it seems that cornucopias don’t seem so popular for Thanksgiving as they once were.  I was studying cornucopias because I wanted to do include the elements from a Cornucopia in my Thanksgiving table (except I don’t have a cornucopia!) Anyway, this one is nice: Cornucopia

I love this Magnolia and Dried Citrus wreath.  

I noticed my Thanksgiving china is also on sale.  I own a lot of the pieces in the sale already so that is a disappointment! But if you are interested, here it is: Spode Woodland on Sale

And also, One King’s Lane has CHRISTMAS UP!!  I can’t decide what I like the most! 

Favorite Instagrams

From the Blog

If you missed it earlier this week I did a guest post at Katherine’s Corner on Spooky Ghost Hot chocolate!  They are little ghost meringues that you make and then they will float on top of your hot chocolate! They are perfect for a Halloween Party!!

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