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Happy New Year! I took a bit of a blogging break this week… we will be back next week with Thursday Favorite Things again! Also, full posting on Sundays and Tuesdays will resume as usual.

 I thought I would share some snaps from my Christmas shopping that I did not get to share earlier!

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Christmas Shopping!

I spotted these Gingerbread houses… aren’t they cute???

I forgot to make a gingerbread house this year… oh well.

 I spotted this super cute booth in an antique mall!

 Loved the blue crystals from a chandelier on this glitter feather tree!

 Clever tree topper…

 Cute ornament idea you could DIY at home.

 Fun tree…

 Love this snowman by Ino Schaller!

 Isn’t this glam tree fabulous? Yeah, at 4k to it ought to be!!

 I liked these silver bells… didn’t have a place for them this year.

 Christmas Outfit

Here was my Christmas party outfit, or at least a little preview of it!

 Mercury Glass Ornament Dough Bowl

Unfortunately I just bought these large mercury glass ornaments right before Christmas so I did not have time to set up a photoshoot of them! Aren’t they fantastic?

I got them at an antique mall – I doubt they are antique because I read the antique ones go for $$$ and mine were not $$$, but I like them anyway!

Rae Dunn Mug

I spotted this vignette also in antique mall.  These Rae Dunn Mugs are super popular right now – blowing up the instagram feeds, aren’t they? They aren’t *quite* my style, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like them! Maybe I’ll get one for work…

There are tea and coffee mugs, Wifey, Darling  , I woke up like this, Purr, Blessed,  Hey Girl, Mine, Gulp and Slurp, Brilliant,  Queen, and many more here!

These Rae Dunn Dog Bowls actually crack me up!

Do you have any Rae Dunn mugs?!

Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe 2016 is over?!?! I CANNOT!

I am thankful for a wonderful 2016. I look forward to 2017. Hopefully our house will be built! 

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year!

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