How to Make a Macaron Tower

I have been wanting to make a macaron tower for a little while, so I set out to create one. It was surprisingly easy!

I was delighted when I saw my finished product – how pretty!

I thought this pretty pink tower was perfect for a Valentine’s Day post.

Finding a cone to as a base for this was not super easy.

I first went to a specialty cake supply store – but they did not have any.  I thought, great, I will just have to make it so they stack up on top of each other without a base. *rolls eyes* like I am skilled enough to do that. Nope I am not.

Then my Mom had the idea to get one of the floral foam cones – so off to Michael’s we went.

And we found one! Or two actually. I bought two sizes but decided to use the smaller one in this post.

Materials Needed

Foam floral cone

parchment paper



First, pictured below is the foam floral cone that I used.

I wrapped parchment paper around the cone because the foam flakes off.  If you do not intend to eat the macarons off the tower, then you do not need to wrap the cone in parchment paper.

 Here, I cut the paper and taped it to the cone. The paper didn’t hold very well with tape, so eventually I just put a few toothpicks in it to hold it in place.


Next, cut your toothpicks in half.

Then poke one hole into the cone where you want your macaron.  It needs to stick out about halfway – you need enough toothpick sticking out so that it can fully support the macaron otherwise it will fall off.

Then, gently stick the macaron onto the toothpick. *gently*. It does not take much pressure to place it onto the toothpick!

Then, row by row, work your way up until you reach the top!

This tower was approximately 4 inches wide at the base by 9 inches tall.

 It took approximately 50 filled cookies to fill this size of cone in the pictures. I estimate, depending in the size of your cookie, it could take 50 +/- 2 cookies.

I used several different sizes of cookies – the largest ones are on the bottom and the smallest ones are at the top. You don’t have to do that… it just had to do with my inconsistent piping and it worked out well in the end!

You could also using frosting to attach the cookies to the foam if you do not have toothpicks. Or you could do both.

I would recommend making this the day of and just before any party you bring it to!

This is *perfect* for bridal showers, tea parties, birthday parties, or fun celebrations! It is a pretty centerpiece! I would love it if you pinned this image.

How to Make a Macaron Tower - a DIY tutorial for French Macaron Towers!
How to Make a Macaron Tower – a DIY tutorial for French Macaron Towers!

Also, if you are not up to making your ownmacarons, you could just get some store bought ones – for instance, the ones from Trader Joe’s in the freezer aisle would be perfect! It would take several boxes but you could do it!

How to Make a Macaron Tower

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