Have Last Minute Guests This Afternoon? Here’s What to Serve!

Do you have company coming over at the last minute this afternoon?

I’ve got a simple afternoon party idea for you!

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A simple afternoon party idea
Do you have last minute guests coming over this afternoon? Here’s something simple to serve!


Throw together some coffee and cookies on pretty serving ware!

I told you the idea was simple!

If you take something ordinary (cookies and coffee) and have a pretty presentation… suddenly they become something a little more!

This party though is just for two – and consists of homemade madeleine cakes!

These ones were pistachio and copied from the Bouchon Bakery cookbook.  Here is a recipe for plain madeleines. Or you could just buy some – Costco, Starbucks, and Trader Joe’s carry them.

Really you could serve it with any cookies, but these ones are one of my favorites and are technically little French cakes (side question… do the French even have a cookie? Wait, yes, Sables Bretons).

It is a party after all – so having something a little fancier than Oreos is required!

Fresh flowers are always a must for any party!   I love this time of year with all of the pretty ranunculus!

So I always suggest keeping some sort of sweets on hand with you at all times – just in case someone pops on by!

Here is a selection of cute mugs:

Here is a selection of cute plates as well:




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