A Spring Garden Tour of David Austin Roses

In this post – a Spring Garden Tour with David Austin Roses and Peonies

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The roses are in full bloom here this week.  

I thought you all might enjoy a little garden tour!

bright pink rose – Heathcliff, behind is Mary Rose

Below is the Shropshire Lad climber. It smells good.  

See that old bench? My grandfather made it.  He was making benches from reclaimed products long before it was hip and trendy – if he were still here today he could make good money on them! 

Shropshire Lad Climber

I have forgotten the name of the rose below. It is actually a miniature rose.

The red carpet roses took off. Some of them are as tall as I am.

If we plant these again, they will begin a field far away from us as they grow so well here.

We all hate trimming them!

red carpet roses

Another miniature rose – I have again forgotten the name.  This year this rose looks great – honestly, every other year though it has just been ho-hum.

forgot the name!

I like this little corner of the garden.

shropshire lab climber

As I was taking pictures, this little hummingbird was zooming around me.

He (she?) always zooms by me when I walk on this path. I think it lives in the tree nearby.

I also frequently see it feeding when I’m looking outside from the house.

I love arches with roses on them! Although I couldn’t walk through this one – need to trim back the roses!

shrobshipre lad climber

Here is the Eden rose – one of my favorites! I wrote a whole post about the Eden rose here.
eden rose

The eden rose always bows its head because it is so heavy and full of petals!

eden rose

This iris below is from my great grandmother’s garden! I think it is so neat that it is still able to grow despite being transplanted from the Midwest!


The lavender is about to bloom too.  We trimmed the lavender back so much this year I thought it would not grow back – glad I was wrong!

crown princess margareta climber

This rose this year is really pink – it is interesting as last year it had more of a peachy color to it. 

lady of shalott

This flower is a great bloomer.  Here in the hot California sun it usually fades to white during Summer so it is nice to see it live up to it’s golden name!

golden celebration rose

This rose below blooms for us from May through December! We do have to keep up with pruning but we love this rose! It smells great!

charlotte rose

Although the rose below is the most fragrant of all of them.

jude the obscure rose

As you can see, we like rose arches.


The sombreuil rose is a very old rose – from the 1850s. It has a pleasant scent and I think the bloom is very interesting and unlike many other roses. 


The lavender is blooming elsewhere…

And my beloved peonies are blooming too.  

These are my favorite flowers (hence the name of the blog!)

As you can see, the old English garden roses look similar to peonies and that is why I love them!

I love looking at peonies – how many layers are there?? 

More than you think – look, it keeps unfolding! 

Peonies in various stages of bloom…

One last look at the garden…

sir john betjeman

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  1. Anonymous
    May 19, 2017 / 5:04 pm

    NO peonies in bloom here yet. Thanks for sharing yours. Wish I could smell them !!

  2. May 22, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    wow so many beautiful blooms. I bet it smelled amazing. Pinned and featured my friend xo

  3. May 24, 2017 / 6:05 pm

    Your garden is stunning! Love that Shropshire Lad. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!