How to Boost Your Blog Traffic Using Tailwind and Pinterest

In this post – How to Boost your Blot Traffic Using Tailwind and Pinterest
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How to Increase your blog traffic using Tailwind and Pinterest

I don’t usually talk much about blogging and tips for blogging, but I *love* Pinterest and most of my blogging traffic actually comes from Pinterest.

If you weren’t aware, Pinterest has awesome potential to grow your blog and increase traffic!

I get about HALF of my traffic to my blog from Pinterest!
When I realized this, I knew I needed to spend some more time in Pinterest! 

Pinterest rewards you – the more active you are, the more followers you get!
The more repins you get, the more viral your pin will be! The more viral – the more views to your blog!

HALF of my traffic comes from Pinterest!

However, if you are like me, you can’t sit there on the internet all day and pin.

So what’s my secret? Enter Tailwind!

Tailwind is an automatic pinning scheduling tool and it is seriously AWESOME.

It is a paid tool (about $10-15/month) and totally worth it for serious bloggers or small businesses.

So how does it work? 

First, let’s get Tailwind for free. 

Sound good?! If you create your account using this link, you’ll unlock a free month of Tailwind Plus!

Now, after you join Tailwind, the next thing I recommend doing is downloading the Tailwind extension for your internet browser. Find your download link under Publish > Drafts.

The Tailwind extension is great – you can go about your business on your internet browser and instead of pinning things, you just click the Tailwind button instead of the pin button.

Bulk Schedule Pins!

I can bulk schedule pins from my website or upload pins from my computer!

Such as below… I was on a post from my blog, and then just hit the tailwind pin on my browser and this came up.  I just clicked which pictures I wanted to pin, and hit “go schedule” on the bottom right.

Add to Multiple Boards All at Once!

This is THE BEST part of Tailwind.  Look at that. I can add to multiple boards with just a click (or two!)

This is *such* a time saver.

Oh, you can also pin from your iPad/iPhone as well!

Create Board Lists

Tailwind does save time in pinning but its boards lists make it even more convenient!

 Find yourself pinning to the same boards all of the time? 

Just create a boards list.  Then when pinning, just pin to a list and Tailwind will automatically add your pin to all of the boards in the selected list!

Smart Scheduling 

When you sync your Pinterest account to Tailwind, Tailwind will automatically create a smart schedule of the best times to post for YOU and will pin at those time.  You can add or remove time slots as you wish.

If you are mass pinning the SAME pin, you can use an interval so it won’t all drop at the same time and overwhelm your followers! You can set your interval as well.

You can also shuffle your queue below (see the bottom, top right?) or lock pins into a spot if you are launching something hot and want to go at the best time.

Analytics and a Pin Inspector

Tailwind has some great analytics too!  It will tell you your top Pinterest boards and amount of new followers each week! They also send out a nice weekly email about performance!

The pin inspector tells you which pins are doing well.  It will even give you the option to repin pins that are similar to yours to keep your curated content at a high quality.  It will also let you know if you are pinning from broken links, missing pin descriptions, or pinning from spammy sites.

Tailwind Tribes

The other great part about Tailwind is the Tailwind Tribe! Tribes are free for anyone to join even if you do not have a tailwind subscription!

What is a tribe? It is kind of like a group board on Pinterest except it shows how many pins each user has contributed to the board and how many each user has repinned! No more people just spamming their content and not sharing yours! 

You repin others’ pins to your boards and help everyone else grow too! 

When you are pinning in Tailwind, you have the option to “add to tribe”.

Tribes are great – there are so many different niches.  

Make sure when you join a tribe you read the rules and follow them!  To find a tribe in your specific niche, I would suggest googling what tribe you are looking for, such as “home decor tailwind tribe”. 

You can find a a list of tribes at Haley’s Vintage and also at Becky and Paula.

There are also two Facebook groups: Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest and Pinterest Tailwind Tribes.

I do have a tribe if you would like to join, but it is JUST for beautiful table settings.  If you want to pin only table settings, you can join here! I will delete everything that is not a table setting.  

The secret to a successful tribe is keeping it in a niche.

So Does Tailwind Work?

Well, can you guess where I started using Tailwind??

Yep, right there at the flat line at the end of January!

Can you read those numbers?! I am up over 1500% in monthly views to my Pinterest profile!!!!
Now, the curve towards the end kind of flattened… well, April I cut back on my blogging a little bit and unplugged for almost two weeks so that explains that. But I’m back it now!

Well, if you are ready to try it out, I’ll give you a free month here – this is how I got hooked!

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  1. June 1, 2017 / 1:46 am

    I just signed up for this! I'm excited to see if it helps! Thanks for all the info:)

  2. September 2, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    Great blog post, Angelina. I just saw this in GASP Pinterest. I'm the lousiest blog subscriber via email. I've been unable to actually read the emails lately and miss so many great posts from my fav peeps. Anyway, I'm going to drop this Pin off in a couple of biz Pin group boards for you. You should get some decent traffic from that.