18th Century Decor Style at the Louvre Museum

In this Post – 18th century decorative arts at the Louvre Museum 

When we were in Paris at the Louvre a few years ago, we stumbled upon a newly reopened section in the 18th century decorative arts.

We were absolutely delighted to find original antiques from King Louis XIV-XVI and Marie Antoinette!

Below is furniture from the aunts of King Louis XVI from the Chateau de Bellevue


As you may know, many of the originals from Versailles were stolen and those that are in the museum today are replicas.

… but some of the originals are housed inside the Louvre!

There were plenty of other precious pieces housed here as well.

Below is a music room from the 1780s.

Below, a room from  Château d’Abondant. The draperies are restored by Pierre Frey.  It took them hours studying the tattered originals to remake them!

How do you like this beautiful piece?

A commode from Madame du Barry.

Unfortunately I do not know who makes the beautiful service below!



Below, a collage of French chairs! Which one is your favorite?!


Below is from the salon of Marie Antoinette. Isn’t it pretty?

Salon of Marie Antoinette



I love the sterling fruit on top of this tureen!

I love this faience piece with the birds!


This beautiful room and objets d’art were from the hôtel de Villemaré- Dangé, circa 1750. I love the pale yellow chaise.

Below, a closer look at the room where this pretty chair was sitting!

© 2014 Musée du Louvre, sit. RMN-GP/Olivier Ouadah


I was in awe by this harp! Do you see the face carved in the silver?


A pretty painting owned by own of the aunts of King Louis XVI.


Below is sterling and a porcelain piece by Sevres for Madame du Barry.


A collection of china from Marie Antoinette below.  The middle pot is for Charlotte-Louis.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of 18th century decorative arts!

This collection is located in the Richelieu wing.  Good luck finding it!  We did not know it was here and stumbled upon it as we were lost wandering around!



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