Cartier Bracelets – Friday Favorites

In this post – Cartier Bracelets 

Let’s take a look at some pretty jewelry… the bracelets from Cartier.

FYI I am not paid to write this post (haha I wish!!) I just like them!

Now, I am not much of a jewelry person. What I mean by that is… I don’t have a ton of fancy jewelry. Like just my ring. 

I don’t even have pierced ears (who’s a wimp about the needle? this person.)

So I was daydreaming about gorgeous bracelets that I’ll never own.

That’s okay. We can all daydream. Isn’t that the point of this blog? 

Check out this bracelet! 

Oh la la! a diamond cuff!

For every day jewelry, this seems like a nice piece!

But I like the cat ones!

The amulette de Cartier collection is a newer one with tons of colors.

The Love bracelet is iconic. You have to use a screwdriver to take it on and off.

I do like the Juste Un Clou collection too.

Someone wearing the love and juste un clou bracelets.

This art nouveau bangle is so fun!

Ah! More cats!

I like this one that looks like a rope tie!

Time for some showstoppers!

Well wasn’t that fun?

Which one is YOUR favorite? I think my answer is YES. I would take any of them!

images are from Cartier.

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