Luxe English Country Style – Friday Favorites

I have a crush…

on Alice’s country estate.

Not Alice from Alice in Wonderland, but looking at this pictures it does seem like a wonderland!

Alice lives in this fabulous house, Nantclwyd Hall, from the 17th century with a facade from the 1810s This is house came from her husband’s (Tom) side. It was decorated in the 1950s by John Fowler for his Tom’s parents.

Love the tapestries and chandelier.

I see this fancy palm tree and think, my cat would love that.

Rose fabric above and below is from Colefax and Fowler in Jubilee Rose. Below is her dressing room full of designer clothes!

Below, her dressing table.

 Bennison chairs and taxidermy.

Alice and her friend dressed up to go on a proper English ride (or hunt?)

Beautiful gardens, love the bird topiaries!  Nothing quite like an English garden!

The walls are painted in Edward Bulmer’s Cuisse de Nymphe Emue

I must say, the only thing I don’t care for is all of the taxidermy, such as this unicorn below.

Antique Persian rug.
Bennison curtains with Colefax and Fowler wallpaper. 

And here is the it-girl, Mrs. Alice. 

You can follow Alice’s Instagram here.

Below are the sources and links to the full articles – I think you will all enjoy them!

Photos labeled with AD are from Architectural Digest with photography by Simon Upton.

Photos without the AD are from Vogue with photography from Jooney Woodward.

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