These are my Confessions…

I have a few things to confess. (By the way, I’m humming the tune of Usher’s Confessions Part II, for those of you familiar with the song)

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These are my confessions… *looks around and whispers* I already started thinking of Christmas. 

And it isn’t even Halloween yet!

You see, when we went to the Grand Tetons last week it was snowing as pictured above.

And it put me right in the mood for Christmas!  

Since our new house has 14 foot high ceilings in the family/living room, I naturally needed a bigger tree.  And we have been going with real trees for the past few years.

Except last year our tree made a hot mess. Pine needles everywhere.  When we took it outside at the end of December, it scraped the walls and left permanent marks on them.

So as much as we loved the scent of the real tree, I’m going to be sticking with my faux trees and burning my favorite Frasier fir candles like mad instead.

These are my confessions… I already bought a Christmas tree.  The one below.

It is a 10′ flocked tree.  They have prelit and unlit versions.  Wayfair was having a great sale on trees and so I jumped on it!

They are still having a sale on them.  The unlit ones are cheaper than the prelit ones.  ALL of the unlit ones are under $250.  These are all from Wayfair. UNLIT: 4.5′ tree6.5′ tree7.5′ tree,  8.5′ tree

PRELIT: 4.5′ tree, 6.5′ tree, 7.5′ tree, 8.5′ tree.

Or if you are an Amazon fan, you can get the tree here too.  Amazon is generally the cheapest place for this tree, but like I said, Wayfair has a good sale that I think is ending on the 15th, but sometimes they extend their sales.

These are my confessions…  We were at Lowe’s looking for something for the new house, and we got distracted because they came out with Christmas decor.  And we didn’t grumble about how they already had it out… we fully embraced it and went-a-shoppin’.

I have a little portico on the house which I think I’ll turn into a gingerbread house for my Christmas lights. How cute are these little candy lights?

 Also liked these lights, they are finally coming down in price!

These are my confessions…  Ok didn’t just look at lights. We bought a Christmas moose!  After seeing the moose family at the Grand Tetons, I knew that we had an exterior lighting theme for our house…. *drumroll please*… Christmas Animals!

These are my confessions… Then knowing that stores were putting out Christmas, we started going to all the places we thought that would have Christmas.

 I just loved how this light was decorated with greenery!

These are my confessions… I made a new French Christmas Pinterest board! For you Christmas lovers like myself out there, start planning ahead with my Christmas Pinterest boards. 

Ok, I am done with my confessions.  Let’s have a look at some Halloween Chocolate, from the local chocolate shop in St. Helena in the Napa Valley (which I don’t know if it even still exists or if it was burned to the ground in the horrible fires!)

Are any of you thinking about Christmas?

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  1. October 26, 2017 / 1:10 pm

    beautiful, I'll check out the pinterest board too. I'm already planning for Christmas too. We need a new tree , ours is starting to look a bit Charlie Brownish ( wink). xo