Building a French Farmhouse

Follow us as we build our dream house.

The style is what I call a California French Farmhouse.  Taking inspirations from Provence and adding modern touches and focusing on indoor/outdoor California living. 

A French farmhouse like Marie Antoinette’s Hameau?? I wish.

Below are all of the posts I’ve written about building and designing the French Farmhouse!

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September Updates

August Updates

The Colors of Provence – What Color to Paint the House?

House Updates for June

How To Pick Out Tile Floors

How To Make a Mood Board For Your Room

10 Tips For Building your Dream Home

Looking at Chandeliers…

 Updates in March

Updates in February

French Farmhouse Mudroom Inspiration

Wall Mounted Faucets and thinking about Powder Rooms.

Kitchen Inspiration from Christopher Peacock

Pretty Decor is Back for 2017

Looking at Aidan Gray Copycat lighting

Fireplace Inspiration

How to decorate a giant wall

Looking at Front doors

A study of French shutters… choosing a type of shutter!

Kitchen faucets, outdoor planters, and more…

I wrote about what to do about the tv and fireplace decorating dilemma.  This is how I ended up choosing the main design for my living room.

In this post I write specifically about French-style Windows.

 I have a two part series here of the different French style houses. Part One talks about the styles of houses in France. 

Part Two , below, talks about the French styles of houses we see here in America.

On Designing a Pool House … struggling to come up with a design!

Patio and Pool

Photo by Tom Meaney Architect, AIA – Browse Mediterranean patio ideas

I wrote about Master Bathroom Inspiration – Thinking about floor plans! 

 I wrote about Dining Room Inspiration – Which way would you put the table? 

Thank you all for following me along on my journey of building my dream French house!  I have appreciated all of your input!