Europain… aka a whole expo in Paris on baking!

Due to my insomnia one night… I got sucked into the internet planning my future trip to Paris and ran into EUROPAIN.

What is Europain?  It is a world bakery, pastry, ice cream, chocolate and confectionery trade show.  Aka, something I need to go to. NOW.  This event took place from March 8-12 this year.

Why do I want to go? Because… this.

and this…

The whole industry shows up. And shows off.

This is *the* place they hold all of those competitions.  I had no idea it was a whole expo too!

ooh laa laaa

And they make things like these, I don’t know what they are put appear to be full of lemony chocolately berry goodness!

How CUTE are these chocolates?! Or are they cakes?! Who cares they are cute!

this may be the cutest confection I’ve ever seen.

In addition to the competitions, bakeries show off new things with SAMPLES!

Here is hall 5. That means there are at least FOUR OTHER HALLS in this place!

See, it’s an expo! I NEED a pass!!!  Je voudrais un billet a Europain! Bustin’ out the French! (I never actually took French, this is just what I’ve picked up over the years, Je voudrais un billet a metro is a phrase I had to learn!)

It is an expo, so we can learn about the 7 trends for 2014 for this industry. One of them includes breaking down the barriers between baking/pastry making and the consumer. The consumer wants to watch it be made and then eat it all at the same time!

apparently this is what future bakeries should look like!

They also have industrial equipment. This one is making lots of caramel. I always get mesmerized watching these machines work.

This one imprints chocolate.

This one makes all different shapes of edible goodies! WHOA!

They also have new products. Like praline powder… so desserts with praline chocolate will be more accessible. GOOD! I loooove praline!

And, I had to include this picture. It’s a cow made of bread.

So, in summary, Europain looks AWESOME!  It is in Paris every year in March.

But how do we get tickets?!  Ummmm, well, sorry to disappoint.  You have to be a member of the industry. Or a student at a baking school. Yet ANOTHER reason why I am trying to convince my Husband and Dad to take French baking classes with me in San Francisco!

For more information, visit their official website

To drool over more photos, VISIT THEIR FLICKR! 

The photos in this post were taken from Europain’s facebook page. 

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  1. March 20, 2014 / 3:56 pm

    That music cake is so incredibly cool. Thanks for sharing this on the Thursday Blog hop!