What to Pack for Vacation in Your Carry-On

I travel frequently and I thought I would share my guide about what to pack in your carry-on luggage bag.

I find that keeping these items in your carry-on makes you flight much more pleasant!  This guide works for both domestic and international trips.

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What to pack for vacation in your carry-on luggage bag –

Nº 1 // Noise canceling headphones – I *highly* recommend these or these headphones, especially for your 12 hour flights. My husband likes these ones.

Nº 2 // Hair brush – 12 hours is a long time for your hair to look bad, especially in the dry environment . You are guaranteed to get sleepyhead after trying to snooze sitting straight up.  I use this hair brush, but this comb is super compact for your carry on.

Nº 3  // Camera – you need to put your camera in your carry-on so it does not get lost or stolen in your checked bag.

Nº 4 // Hand cream – It’s really dry in the airplane. You will be wanting hand cream. This is my favorite hand cream here. I’m not including any other hand creams because they are inferior!  This beauty kit has all of your needs for travel.

Nº 5  // Lip Balm – Your lips will get dry on the airplane. I personally love Burt’s Beeswax. This Rose Salve has a cult following. This Sugar lip balm is also fantastic and it tastes amazing.

Nº  6 // a Pen – You will need to fill out some customs papers at some point. Bring a pen!

Nº  7 // Granola bar – This is nice to have because you never know when you’ll need some sustenance. I am loving the Kind bars right now.

Nº  8 // Water bottle – I usually just buy one in the airport, that way if I’m desperate for space on the way home I can toss it.  However, if you like to bring your own, this one is really popular. I like this spiked one but my friends love this colorful one.

Nº  9 // iPad – This has everything I need… books, movies, music, and a notepad to jot down thoughts.  I read my travel books on this on the way to the location I’m headed to. Store your iPad in this clever travel case where you can also keep your wallet, passport and other documents!

Nº 10 // Keys – Don’t forget your house and car keys! Attach them to this lucky wishbone keychain or use this cute bee keychain!

Nº 11 // Make up bag – Trust me, you’ll want to do some touching on before landing so keep your make up organized in a chic make up bag. I like this jumbo see through one, this floral Ted Baker, this black quilted one, pop pom stripe one, !

Nº 12 // Hand sanitizer – Airplanes are full of germs. You’ll feel better after using this, even if you washed your hands in the loo.

Nº 13 // iPhone – Don’t forget to bring your phone, you may get stranded and need it! I recommend a portable power battery pack so that way your phone or smart device won’t die on long plane!

Nº 14 // Ear plugs – You will wish you had these when the screaming baby or chatty neighbor sits behind you on your twelve hour flight! They come in this by themselves.

Nº 15 // Mint gum – Gum helps your ears pop in ascent/descent and gives you some fresh breath!

Nº 16 // Munchies – You will need something to munch on, as I’m sure you’ll either get hungry or bored.  I like to bring dried fruit or popcorn as they fill the munchie need but don’t fill you with tons of extra calories.

Nº 17 // Blanket scarf – The temperature of the airplane varies too much. A blanket scarf is nice for those temperature fluctuations. I like these: blanket wrap,  lightweight linen scarf, or this beautiful Tory Burch scarf or this pastel blanket scarf

Nº 18 // Evian water spray – This Evian water spray is so nice and refreshing during a long flight, get it here.

Nº 19 // Passport and wallet – If there’s one thing you *must* bring on international travel it is your passport. I love this passport wallet (super cute!).  I like this leopard print passport wallet for a steal, anti RFID theft one, or “I’m Outta here” (steal!).

Nº  20 // Travel size perfume – You’ll want to reapply your perfume just before you get off of your flight. I’m liking this one or this rollerball one.  I also love this hair mist!

Nº 21 // Travel bag – You need a bag big enough to fit all of this stuff in that fits under the seat in front of you! I like these: Tory Burch Black and White Bag, lightweight LeSportSac bagFrench bag or French bag #2 or French bag #3 or cute faux leather bag ($80!), this cute tote (under $50!) or this cute cross body bag for $35, There is also a cute Vera Bradley bag or this really chic looking duffel or this super cute weekender bag for under $80 perfect for a carry-on. WOW I couldn’t just pick one, I LOVE handbags, don’t you??

Nº  22 // Eye mask – You will want this for when the person next to you leaves their reading light on the whole flight. I like this monogrammed one or this scented lavender one (perfect for stinky planes!)! Also don’t forget a Travel Pillow!

Nº  23 // Toothbrush and toothpaste – So, 10 hours into your international flight, it is now suddenly morning time where you land and you realized you haven’t brushed your teeth in approx 24 hours. You’ll be glad you brought this!

Nº  24 // Slipper socks – I always take off my shoes while sitting in my chair on international travel and put slipper socks on over my regular socks.  It keeps my toes warm… just make sure you put on your shoes before you start walking around the plane. I like these slipper socks! OR you could take these foldable ballets or this foldable ballets which are super comfy and then you can wear them on your trip. They are so nice because they fold up perfectly into your carry on!

Nº  25 // Carry-on Suitcase – I personally travel an older version of this Tumi International Bag.  My Father used to travel all of the time (seriously, 500k miles!) and the Tumi bag has survived!  I seriously cannot sing enough praise about Tumi bags. They are expensive but worth the money. There is also this fantastic black Tumi international bag. But if you like hard suit cases, this Tumi in metallic black is pretty. If you are mainly a domestic traveler, then this Tumi Domestic Carry On bag is GREAT as well ( have that one too!).   These Rimowa Bags are extremely popular as well, but I don’t use them so I can’t give a review. Don’t know the difference between International and Domestic Bags? The international bags are slightly smaller and fit within the regulations of the European airlines!

What to Pack for your Vacation in Your Carry-On

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