Swiss Recap, Emmys, and more – Five on Friday!

Back from Switzerland!

Yes, I am BACK from my trip to Switzerland. We also went to Germany, Austria, *AND* I added a new country to my country list… Liechtenstein!  I am sharing a few pictures from the trip with you all, I have also shared some on my Instagram if you follow along there too.  

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The country of Switzerland was beautiful and we were blessed with beautiful weather! It was forecasted to rain every day we were there but instead it was sunny and in the 80s and we were hot!  It was apparently the hottest September in 100 years there!

Below is the city of Lucerne!  

Lucerne, Switzerland

 Below is a picture from one of the hikes we went on! Isn’t it amazing?

Hiking above Murren in Switzerland

 There were cows on the hiking trails! Some of them would stand in the way and you’d have to wait until they moved! All of the cows had bells on them… it was awfully cute hiking through the Alps hearing the jingle of the bells! 

Swiss cows on our hike in Switzerland

One day we went to the top of one of the mountains in Switzerland!  This is the view we were treated to… a glacier! It is the longest glacier in the Alps! 

Aletsch glacier

I will be doing separate posts on the trip later… but I have so much I want to share for Fall it will probably be a few months, to be honest! 

 Emmy Favorites

The Emmy’s were this past weekend, and while I didn’t watch the awards show, I did look at celebs wearing beautiful dresses! Here are my favorite looks from this year….

Favorite Instagrams


So when we were in Germany, we went to a grocery store and I found this to-go Starbucks Caramel Macchiato! It had a little straw on the left and you poke a hole in the top and voila! Instant caramel macchiato! I thought it was pretty awesome and wish we had some of these here in the USA! Have you ever seen them before?


Before I left for Europe, I went to the mall to find some clothes for the trip.  I spotted these items but didn’t buy them because they didn’t fit in my suitcase! BUT they are still on my wish list! 

Black mule

Honeycomb Wool Sweater… isn’t this wonderful??

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