Classic Vintage Christmas Tree

Christmas is my most favorite time of year!  For me, the centerpiece of Christmas decorating is the Christmas tree! 

This post is sponsored by Tree Classics.  All content and opinions are my own. 

Classic Vintage Christmas tree

I believe that one cannot have too many Christmas trees. I love having one in every room and I love doing a theme for each one!  

I also love the ambient light that the trees provide during the dark of Winter!

So, when Tree Classics approached me and sent me a beautiful Christmas tree, I was ecstatic!

I was thrilled to choose the 7.5′ Alaskan Spruce Snap Tree because it has both colored and white lights!!

Classic Vintage Christmas tree with colored lights

My husband and I often debate about if we should put colored lights on our trees because we always use white lights.  This tree had the perfect solution: both!

With the click of a button, voila! Colored lights!

The color changing abilities of this tree led me to my decorating theme: a classic vintage tree! 

Classic Vintage Christmas tree with vintage ornaments

  This tree is loaded with vintage elements: vintage ephemera paper ornaments and garland, pipe cleaner ornaments, putz houses, and hand painted glass and wooden ornaments.

Classic Vintage Christmas tree decorating ideas

A decorating tip to the “perfect” Christmas tree is to have a unifying element. 

I have several on this tree: gold metallic bows, hand painted gold and maroon ball ornaments, and the vintage ephemera paper garland.

Classic Vintage Christmas tree ornament ideas

I liked that this tree had two different types of needles – it made it seem more real! I used these metallic gold bows on this tree.

Classic Vintage Christmas tree ornament ideas

You know, as I was decorating this tree, I was reminded of my Grandmother’s tree.  

Her tree was always decorated with colored lights.

My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family.  Some of my favorite memories involve the holidays.  What about you?

Classic Vintage Christmas tree ornament ideas

One of the things I really liked about this tree was the fact that the limbs and branches were really easy to move around.  Have a limb not quite in the right spot? No problem, just move it! 

I mention this because as a Christmas tree connoisseur (I think when you have five Christmas trees up in your house you are considered a connoisseur ), I have found that not all Christmas tree branches do that! It’s really nice to be able to move them just into the *right* spot. Plus, the branches look real!

Classic Vintage Christmas tree ornament ideas

I also received some beautiful ornaments too! They came in colors of silver and gold – totally the new decorating trend for Christmas trees I have noticed! 

 This one looks super cute with my metallic bow, don’t you think?

 I loved the sparkle on this ornament! I know I will have these for years to come – I loved the variety of the ornaments they sent me!

Now let’s talk about the finer details of this Tree Classics Tree.

The shipping from Tree Classics was *very* fast! It was shipped on Wednesday and came on Saturday and that included shipping over the Thanksgiving holiday! I was super impressed. 

The box it shipped in is below. Yes, it’s big. But a 7.5 foot tree isn’t going to come in a little box. Plus, you won’t be storing your tree in this box.

Tree Classics Tree

Here’s what came out of the box: only 3 things!

These little bags were super nice! They had handles and I just lifted them up out of the box! This is size of the tree for storage.

Tree Classics Tree

Now here is the cool part.  The stand has wheels!  

So I put the tree base on the stand right there in the hallway and wheeled it around until I was happy with its placement. This was super nice especially since the tree base is a little heavy. It will also be convenient when it comes time to put it away – just roll it into the closet! 

Tree Classics Tree

Here’s the part I found that could be improved: Read the instructions first! I had just lifted the tree up onto the stand without taking the bag off.  Well, I assumed it zipped right off… it did not. So I had to lift the base off, take it completely out of the bag, and then put it on the base. I thought it would be neater in future models to be able to just zip it right off! Or, you know, read the instructions.

Tree Classics Tree

Then I snapped the top on and done! The whole thing took probably 5 minutes (including my picture taking). You can watch a video on how to set up the tree here.

I also liked that it had just two parts: a top and bottom. Some of my other trees have four pieces. Have you ever found that getting A onto B onto C is sometimes confusing?? Especially if you’ve had the tree for years and the tags have fallen off? And then you’re staring at the tree trying to figure out why it looks funny? 

There is no confusion here!

Also, the snap tree aspect of it made this so it is a one-person operation! Sometimes those trees take two people to put together!

Here’s a link to a video on why the Snap Tree is special.

Classic Christmas tree

I am really enjoying my Alaskan Spruce Snap Tree with LED color changing lights!! It is the perfect tree for my classic vintage theme! 

Classic Christmas tree with colored lights

You can go to the Tree Classics Website here and also check out all the other snap trees– there are many! Thank you to Tree Classics for sponsoring this post! 

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  1. November 29, 2016 / 9:47 pm

    Oh my goodness…five trees! I just finished doing a second one and I'm exhausted. Your new one is lovely.

  2. November 30, 2016 / 3:00 am

    Wow, your greenery garland is beautiful! And your tree is too!

  3. December 3, 2016 / 4:29 am

    Wow! That tree is beautiful. I have a tree from a big box store and the branches don't bend at all– that is very clever. You always have the best Christmas decorating!