Vintage Ring Boxes, Maui Trip, MET Gala, Paint and more!

I’m BACK with Five on Friday this week and am super excited!

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Vintage Ring Boxes

Recently found the maker of these beautiful vintage inspired velvet ring boxes.

They are from The Mrs. Box. 

They are so pretty, I want to order one but I don’t know which color to choose!

There are so many pretty colors!  

 Which color would YOU choose??

PS This is not a paid advertisement – I just kind of love them!

 Maui Trip

Sharing a few highlights from vacation…

We went snorkeling several times. We spotted quite a few turtles!  I just love swimming with the turtles… they are so graceful in the water!

 Tons of fish! 

We spotted Gill (from Finding Nemo,aka a Moorish Idol) which is below! We also saw a pufferfish, Dory fish (aka blue tang), the humu humu fish.. and more.

Loved all of the fresh pineapple and papaya… sooooo good! The juice is guava- I never drink juice, except in Hawaii.

 These flowers were in the hotel and I thought they were so cool… reminded me of beehives! 

I shared a few other pictures from my trip on Instagram.

MET Costume Gala

The MET Costume Gala was this past week.  Some people actually came dressed for the theme (I won’t need to point them out – it should be quite obvious that they went for the costume as it is considered a costume gala) and others went for pretty.

The question is – would you show up following the theme and wear a costume, or opt just to look pretty?

Me… a costume!

Choosing Paint colors

This week I’ve been studying paint colors LIKE MAAAAD. 

Oh my gosh my head is spinning.

The main contenders for the kitchen cabinets ARE *drumroll*

BM 1563 Quiet Moments 

SW 6204 Sea Salt

 SW 6162 Ancient Marble

Odd the ancient marble on the screen looks super brown but in person it is really a lighter version of French grey. 


I was shadowbanned this week. I’ll return on Saturday (tomorrow) when hopefully my little ban is lifted. Don’t know what shadowbanning is? Check out The Design Twins’ post here.

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