Christmas Gift Ideas 2013

25 Days of Christmas!

Hello!  Welcome to the first day of 25 days of Christmas!  Every day up until Christmas day I will have a Christmas-related post up for your reading pleasure.  Why?  Because I LOVE the Christmas season.

Yes I started the last day of November. 

So without further ado, I present to you:

Since one of the joys of Christmas is gift-giving, I will share with you my Christmas Gift Guide!

Christmas Gift Guide 2013

I’m going to share with you today some of my favorite gift ideas for 2013! 

For women

Nordstrom “Butter” slipper socks, $7, may purchase here

These are the best slipper socks.  They are super soft and comfy.  You will see a lot of copycats out there. Many years ago these were the first ones that appeared in the stores at Christmas time.  I love giving these away as gifts!  Great stocking stuffers too!  The closest in softness and general wear and tear are sold at Bath and Body Works (however BBW’s are Shea-infused and you leave little footprints everywhere!)

Sonoma Lavender Gift Blanket $60, may purchase here

This lovely blanket is about 1 yard long by 18 inches wide.  You put it in the microwave for about 1.5 minutes, and voila! Instant relaxation.  It is full of lavender and buckwheat.  The aroma after heating in addition to the warmth provided is a very nice treat! 

Clarisonic Mia 2, $150, may purchase here

This is a WONDERFUL invention.  I have had mine for 2 years and my face has never felt this great.  After 1 use the results were amazing.  This is a great product for anyone, but especially teenagers and their acne prone skin.  I can never go back to regular face washing again!  This has changed my daily beauty routine!  

For Men

Ugg Ascot Slipper $100, may purchase here 

My husband has a pair of these and he loves them.  It’s hard to get a guy to comment on clothing.  ‘Nuff said.

Apple TV, $99, may purchase here

I’ve had mine for several years and it is great!  You can watch movies and tv shows (buy or rent!) straight from this device.  You can watch youtube, sports channels, HBO go, radio, netflix, hulu, and many more!  LOVE this thing!  

I know razors can be expensive.  My husband highly recommends the “dollar shave club” online.  You select one of their razors and they send you a new one every month.  To see how it works, click here.   To buy a gift card, click here.

For Children

I think shopping for children can be either very easy or very difficult, depending on their age.  Some of our friends have rules “no toys for gifts”.  That means, what, books for Christmas?! (reference to this youtube video!)

Raskullz Helmets, $20-$25, may purchase here

How neat are these?  They are helmets!  Kids actually might be excited to wear a helmet.  You can trick them into thinking they are toys but really you are improving their safety!

For girls…

An American Girl Doll! They have historical dolls with books that teach young girls about history, in addition to having a story about the girl growing up during that historical period.  They also have modern day ones and dolls you can order that look like you… but I like the historical dolls because it also teaches kids something about history.  Doll and book $110. (Ironically, the price has only gone up $10 since the early ’90s… not too bad!)

For more gift ideas, check out my favorite things by clicking on the “favorite things” label at the bottom of this post.

For Boys.

Star Wars Legos. Price Range $20-$150.

Hopefully that provided you with some ideas! Happy shopping!

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