My new Royal Crown Derby Donkey!

I received a wonderful Royal Crown Derby Donkey from my mother-in-law for my birthday!  How did she ever know that I would love such a thing?

Well, apparently my husband was so proud of my blogging that he shared it with his family… and they’ve been following my blog. *waves… hi!*

A while ago I wrote about Royal crown derby and my love for the donkey! And they hunted one down and bought it for me!  I couldn’t decide where to put him, then I ended up thinking of a little story.   Now time for some fun.  I wrote a little story.  I used to write stories… then I stopped.  

my new royal crown derby paperweight, a donkey I’ve named Dominick! 

Storytelling time. “The Adventures of Dominick the Donkey” by me. 

Dominick the Donkey had just traveled from England hoping to meet some new friends.

“Hey, Chingedy ching, hee-haw, hee-haw, I’m Dominick the Donkey” he sang to the cats.

The sleeping cats were not impressed and continued to ignore him.

The cats’ foul mood did not ruin Dominick’s, as across the way he spotted lavender.  So he hopped on over to the lavender field and pranced around.

All of the prancing around made Dominick thirsty.  He spotted a watering hole in the distance.

The watering hole turned out to be… a tulipiere? Well, Dominick was a high-class donkey after all, he has hairs painted out of gold. He can drink out of tulipieres!

drinking from the tulipiere, this is one fancy donkey!

Now refreshed, he looked out the window and spotted the beautiful blooming pink rose.

He decided to stop and smell the roses before headed to his final resting spot.

smelling the gertrude jekyll rose. You should go to the nursery and do the same!!

Tuckered out from his adventure from England and then around his new home, he decided to take a rest on master’s desk where he can watch all blogging activities.  He says, “now don’t go spreading rumors about me.”

don’t go about spreading rumors 


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