Weekend Whimsy

I’m starting a new feature on my blog this weekend.  I’m introducing… “Weekend Whimsy”.

It will consist of some of my favorite pictures, articles, and links that I’ve found throughout the net and want to share with you.

The exact format of this will probably change as I figure out how I like it. This week it’s just a week links. But I think next week I’ll include some pictures.

I’ve chosen the weekend to post my favorite items from the week because I often find myself reading blogs on Saturday and Sunday morning and wishing that there were more blog posts on those days.

What is Weekend Whimsy?  It’s a fun collection of links and pictures that I found on the web and wanted to share with everyone.

How good do these Extra Nutty Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies look?! ummm, want to bake some and send them my way?

Check out these pillows made from vintage Hermes Scarves

I bought some new boyfriend jeans this week and I love love love them.  I highly recommend them: Awesome boyfriend jeans

These are some beautiful photos taken from around the world that will make you have wanderlust to pack up and get on an airplane tomorrow.

According to the WSJ, purse prices are going to start falling.  Good.

I think I am going to attempt to make these lavender pistachio madeleines next on my madeleine baking frenzy.

I normally don’t post about “real-word” stuff here, but Jimmy Kimmel rounded up a bunch of real doctors and put together this video for the anti-vaccine movement: Get your kids vaccinated 

And we’ll end this with a laugh for the week… Watch penguins falling down!  It’s so cute and awkward.

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