Five on Friday #18

Happy Friday!  Can you believe it’s JUNE????  I’m back with another FIVE THINGs that I liked this week.

On the Net

Here are 4 garden design ideas from the houses of William Shakespeare.  If anything, go check out the article just to see the cute old houses!


The track suit trend is coming back. This time, it doesn’t involve velour track suits from Juicy Couture, but instead Adidas Originals.  I recently purchased these pants – perfect for lounging, traveling, and you look sporty chic! They are also in grey or black with pink stripes!

The Kitten Tales

So for the past month or so we have noticed an orange cat hanging out on our back porch. Our own cat and this cat would have stare downs.  I would chase the cat away and it kept coming back.  Then this last week we were rearranging pots on the porch and looked down into the empty one and saw this:

THREE kittens staring up at us! GAH! Scared us at first, at least it wasn’t full of snakes or something. Anyway, since the discovery, we’ve stopped scaring mama cat off.  Well, then later we saw her take one of the kittens out and they were playing.  Then for TWO DAYS we didn’t see the little kitten or the mama cat. We thought maybe the mama cat had died.  It was 105 degrees for two days in a row. We got worried the kittens would die.

We put water and some food in the pot but they left the food alone. They drank some of the water.  Then we did some internet research – oh, kittens these age still drink milk. We took the remaining two cats out of the pot and put them in a box because it was bigger. One of the cats ran out of the box and hid in the rose bushes.  So, off we went, to the store, to get some kitten milk replacement.

We came back… oh no! The cat had abandoned the box.  Thought something ate them already… we had spied a coyote hanging out in the field some 150 yards away.  Well, we looked around and found them! They were sitting against the wall in literally the worst hiding spot ever.  We put them back into the original pot we found them and gave them some kitten milk.  They drank it up in just a few seconds. Poor things! They were starving.  Well, we thought, we didn’t want kittens but I guess we have kittens now.

Then later that night Mama cat returned.  Oh good!  Still haven’t seen the other kitten, but at least mama cat is back.  This morning we saw her go into the pot.  Good to know she is back and taking care of her kittens!

On the Blog

  I was thinking… hmm, what did I write about a year ago? Oh, a review of Pierre Herme, one of the best pastry shops in Paris! If you are a French pastry lover, you need to check out my review here!

Pierre Herme Macaron Review

Favorite Instagram

If you love pretty gardens, then you need to follow @debbytenquist.  She posts the prettiest pictures of gardens.  I had trouble picking out just a few!

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  1. June 3, 2016 / 4:00 pm

    Ahhh the kittens are so cute! Ugh, I hate that one is MIA though. At our apartment there was a duck pond, and they had babies and I saw a group of five or six baby ducks once…and later the biggest group I saw was three. I am just not cut out to see the circle of life/survival of the fittest in action.

  2. June 3, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    Oh I absolutely LOVE Debbie Tenquist! Just started following her on IG and the photos are gorgeous! Wonderful garden inspiration:)

    Have a great weekend!