Oktoberfest Ideas – Five on Friday

Five on Friday – Oktoberfest Edition!!!

The Oktoberfest starts tomorrow in Germany and I have rounded up my Oktoberfest posts from previous years’!!  

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Germany Pretzel Recipe

This is an authentic German pretzel recipe that I translated from German.  The only different thing about this pretzel recipe is that the pretzels are dipped in a baking soda bath instead of a lye bath.  They are really quite tasty!

Authentic German Pretzel Recipe

Traditional Apple Strudel

What would an Oktoberfest party be without apple strudel??  This apple strudel recipe is really pretty easy to make as you use puff pastry as the dough instead of making a handmade dough.  You can’t tell the difference! 

Traditional apple strudel recipe perfect for Oktoberfest

What to Wear to the Oktoberfest!

I have put together a guide on what to wear to the Oktoberfest… from traditional lederhosen and dirndls to Americanized versions.  

A guide to buying dirndls and what to wear to the Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Party Ideas

If you are going to host your own Oktoberfest party at home, here is an Oktoberfest party guide of things you should have at your party complete with food suggestions!

Oktoberfest Party Ideas and Guide

Oktoberfest Party Table

I made this Oktoberfest party table last year and it was a hit! I printed off cutouts of Lebkuchen (the gingerbread hearts) and had them dangle from the chandelier.

Oktoberfest Table

 And guess what, I’m in Germany as we speak, just missing the Oktoberfest. Auf Wiedersehen!